Crossroads Guitar Festival, an event created by Eric Clapton and held (so far) every three years in different parts of the

country is an amazing time and a chance to see a huge number of music legends perform.  It's not often that you can see

the likes of Clapton, ZZ Top, Sheryl Crow and B.B. King perform together in one venue.  The 2013 Crossroads Guitar

Festival was held in Madison Square Garden in New York City and if you looked among the crowd, you have seen some-

thing like a Houston DWI attorney in a cowboy hat next to a Wall Street exec standing behind a grandfather with his young

grandson from Kentucky.  In other words, its a festival that brings all ages and all professions together for one cause.

Be sure not to miss the next one.


Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Norm Stephens, Sonny Curtis and Buck Page

Buck and Buffalo Benford intros the Troubadours

Norm Stephens and Sonny Curtis
Sonny Curtis and Buck Page
Buck Page, the last of the great
singing cowboys
Sonny Curtis


Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Ramblin' Jack, Norm Stephens, Sonny Curtis and Buck Page


Norm Stephens

Norm, James and J.J. Cale
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Benford Standley
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