As the Pioneer Troubadours headed East across California the
air conditioner on the bus went out and we had to limp to Texas
under some rough conditions, however the "road warriors" did 
great and we all did the best we could to survive the problems.

Our story is also about the road, the roadies, the setup, the

breakdown, the hotel rooms, on the bus, sound checks, the

trucks, a view most never see...the DVD will take you


come back for more clips from the DVD




Pete Kennedy, Tour Manager

Partner and Ex Producer

Jack is wishing Connie happy birthday, 
Connie was married to Willie Nelson



Lance Standley is helping
with the production

James Burton, who was Elvis
Presley's guitar player...picks

Buck is picking at the rehearsal 
before their performance

The Pioneer Troubadours 
caught Marty Stuart's set



Jack, Norm and Buck  rest in Hotel along
the road to Dallas...the rt was 4,000 miles.
"Knights of the Road"..."Road Warriors"

Shelly and Margo with Octagon and
Norm and Buck ..thanks girls!!!!!!!

Buck and Norm hang backstage with
fellow Country artist Marty Stuart.




Verna, Norm's beautiful wife joined the
Pioneers on the trip to Texas...

Sonny, Norm and Buck wait in the Green
Room for their performance time

Buck  and Skunk Baxter talk of the biz








Norm, James and J.J. Cale
see more Backstage and Stars

See the Guitar Pull




See the Pioneers with the fans

Autographs and Interviews

Ole saddle pals backstage...

Ramblin' Jack and Eric Clapton

Troubadour Home Page

Crossroads Foundation

Crossroads Guitar Festival




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