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Language Learning System for Pastoral Visitors

This site is intended for members of the Catholic Church - Roman Rite

***** note this site is presently under development. The Spanish content is complete, and ready to use - The Portuguese vocabulary is finished - the prayers are under development at this time. *******

Currently only Microsoft Windows Explorer and Windows Media player are supported by this site.


The purpose of this Free program is to help you to learn enough of a foreign language to perform pastoral visits and distribute communion or to be able say some prayers with a sick person in their primary language.

This site will not train you to be a pastoral visitor - you must attend the approved classes offered in your diocese, and be commissioned by your parish priest.

How to use this system:

1. Start with the vocabulary words. - The purpose of the first part of the program is to learn how to properly pronounce all the vocabulary words used in the Rite and the additional prayers.

Click each word and repeat it. Use the 'English' phonetic spelling of the word to get close - it helps you break down the syllables and where the emphasis goes.

Do all the words on a page at a time, until you have mastered each word. Repeat each word several times.  Try to get your pronunciation as close as possible.

Reading and saying both the English and The Spanish words should help you learn the meaning of each word and phrase.

2. Next start with the Our Father. It's a simple common prayer that be done either with the Rite or by  itself.

Putting the words together in phrases and sentences is a bit of a challenge, even if you say each word correctly - learning how to roll them together, is what will make you sound closer to a native speaker.

Take it slow and deliberate - do one box at at time, until you can read it clearly - with few mistakes.  If necessary bring up the vocabulary word you may be having trouble with, and re-practice it again.

3. Next practice the Hail Mary, it is not part of the Rite, but it is one of the more beloved prayers of both Hispanic and Portuguese people.

4. Finally practice each section for the rite of the Pastoral Visit of the Sick and the Distribution of Communion Outside of Mass.

This site contains the full language text of the Rite with instructions,  written in English to be printed.

 It is assumed that you will have copy with you on your visit so you can read from it, just as you would in English as you perform the rite.

You may print as many copies as you like or even save it to you own computer.

Most Pastoral booklets do not usually have any long prayers or full texts in them.  I offer both long and short.

The Nicene Creed  and a long reading from the Gospel of John Chapter 6 are included in the booklet.  Normally you do not use these versions due to time constraints.

But, if you have time, and the person is fully engaged - then I recommend the longer readings and full prayers.


Why? Precisely because you probably at this stage will not be able to carry out a long personal conversations

but this will allow you to spend some quality time with the person, and comfort them too.

If time is short, read only the yellow highlighted Gospel text and you may skip the Creed altogether.


You should be aware that originally I had requested permission from the USCCB to record the rite for playback on a smart phone in the presence of the person being visited.

I was denied.

 At first I did not understand the reasoning why.

 After careful consideration, I think I now understand why this is a bad idea.

 The person deserves someone from the Church to deliver a personal visit, ideally it would be great if you could converse with the person and have a dialog to understand their spiritual needs, speaking their native language.

 Playing an audio tape falls way short of that need, and is not even a close second, in fact it shows that you did not even care enough to make an effort to be welcoming enough to try and speak their language.

 But, if you use this program and study really hard and carefully practice proper pronunciation and the word meanings - you will have mastered speaking about 340 words or so.

 You will be well on your way to learning the language.  You could pick up a conversational language package and learn common dialog, or enroll in a class. 

The person you are visiting will also be grateful that you have taken the time to learn some of their language to make them feel at home.

Please do not copy the audio portions of this program for use in an actual visit - if you do you will be directly disobeying your Church's wishes.


The Spanish course is the first one being developed, there are plans for Portuguese (Brazilian), then French, German and possibly others to follow.

Please note that all the sound files are from Google Translate, and I thank them for providing the on-line service.   

Learning program for the Pastoral Visitor for the Sick in Spanish

Learning program for the Pastoral Visitor for the Sick in Brazilian Portuguese