Audie = Interacting and Connecting w/Audience

About: Audience with concert tickets will vote for songs on play list to perform live in concert by artist.

Artist Audience
1. Register Concert
2. Artist will provide play list of songs to perform live in concert.
3. Songs with the audience highest votes will be performed live in concert.
4. Song play list artist will perform live will vary.



1. Complete one time free registration to be allowed to vote and track your concert votes.
2. Register with username, password and email..
3. Must purchase concert ticket to vote
4. Ticket will have code to enter into voting system with Audie
5. Will be able to view in real time song play list voting results.
6. Can change votes before deadline.
7. Must vote before deadline date.
8. Registration is not required to vote. Only if you want to change your votes or track your concert history.
9. Your email will be given to concert artists for interacting, communicating purposes only.
10. No other information will be given to any other agencies.

Headquaters Santa Barbara, CA.

Hours 9:00am - 7:00pm