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“Start with the end in mind.”

— Stephen R. Covey

This site is being developed to provide quick access to information and resources that should prove helpful for each trade qualifier to prepare to successfully challenge his/her trade certification examination.

This will be a work in progress for a while. For now, I am looking for feedback as I develop the site. I will add the first few trades pages (to give you an idea of what the content will include) before sending links too all contacts.



For now, check out the other linked pages and scroll to the bottom of this page to see an interesting photo.


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Photo (below) is of the largest a class I have ever worked with.  It was a contract to deliver the essential skill section of the new and unique Northern Construction Trades Training Program (NCTT).

It was a contract for 12 weeks  to deliver the Intro to the Trades portion of the program to cover the essential skills materials in Thompson, Manitoba. This was my first time back in Thompson, where I attended school at age 13 from 1959-1961. The class was made of young men and one young woman from three trades; Industrial Electricians, Industrial Mechanics (Millwrights) and Steamfitter / Pipefitters. I am on the far left and the gentleman on the far right is Guy Row, a retired High School Principal from Creighton, Saskatchewan. The group has now completed Level 2 of their apprenticeship and many are now preparing for, or are in, L 3 technical training.

It was a contract with Workplace Education Manitoba and  administered by the Northern Manitoba Sector Council where you can see a larger version of the photo, along with a complete description of the entire program on the Programs and Initiatives page.


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