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Psychology Links

My personal list of links from Psychology Today and other sources.
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What a Relationship With a Parent Reveals About a Partner
A person's parental relationship may help explain
how they view their partner.

How to Help a Child Who Shuts Down
When a child withdraws and refuses to talk, it is exasperating for a parent.

"I'm Sorry That You Feel That Way" and Other Subtleties of Gaslighting
Why non-apologies do more harm than good.

How Emotional Neglect From Childhood Can Hold You Back
Learning you matter, and taking back your voice.

Why Kids Are Suffering Today
Recognizing structural causes could help us help them.

13 Things the Most Confident People Don't Do

The Keys to Understanding High-Functioning Depression
The 3 most common causes of dysthymia, and 3 reliable solutions.

7 Hurts That Never Heal
... and 3 ways to cope.

How Childhood Trauma Can Trigger Borderline Personality Disorder
Childhood trauma may lead to fast "pace of life" syndrome.

 4 Important Strengths of Highly Sensitive People
Sensory pleasure, aesthetic sensitivity, and more.


Must Read

How to Make Peace With the Past
- Confront What You Learned to Avoid
- To Heal Is to Feel
- Creating a New You

14 Major Signs of Depression in Men
... and how to begin a conversation with a man you care about.

5 Surprising Strengths of the Emotionally Neglected

Cats See Things That Are Not There
Research shows that they like to sit in illusory boxes.

7 Things an Unloved Daughter Longs for as an Adult


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7 Ways Toxic Positivity Can Destroy a Relationship
... and how a shift in perspective can have lasting effects

Why Mattering Is So Important to Our Mental Health
New research on "anti-mattering" and overcoming loneliness.

3 Things Too Many People Don't Understand About Cats

8 Ways Parents Sabotage Conversations with Adult Children

6 Things Mentally Healthy, Resilient People Do

* How Losing a Parent Affects Young Children

* 10 Anxious Behaviors That May Actually Be Trauma Responses

* Unloved Daughters and the Struggle to Recognize Cruelty
Recognition often needs to be sparked by a third party.

* How Rejection Leads to Depression, and Vice Versa
Challenging one's beliefs could limit depression's advance.

* Why Some People Can't Tell That You're Being Authentic
Who's being real? You just can't be sure.

* An Unusual, Overlooked Sign of Depression
Stimulation-seeking and missed diagnoses.

* Why It's OK to Like Yourself a Little More
... and to keep company with those who also feel good about you.

* Of the 15,000 Reasons to Stick With a Relationship,
Only These Two Matter

The availability of an alternative can drive a decision to leave.

* 3 Ways to Make the Most of Every Day
3. Disrupt your weekly patterns.

2 Ways to Make a Cat Happier
Getting tuned in to their individual personality and needs.

* Who Will You Be in 10 Years? Not Who You Expect.
... and understanding that can benefit us.

Why Teens Stop Listening to Their Parents
The teenage brain appears programmed to seek new voices.

10 Ways to Stop Ruminating
8. Identify your triggers.

* The Psychology of Feeling Unloved
Would you rather have love, or everything else?

* How to Live a Psychologically Rich Life
Never limiting yourself to the comforts of what you already know.

* Why Some People See Ghosts While Others Never Do
Personality, cognitive style, and personal background all play a role.

* 36 Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves
8. Does the "you" that you present to the world match who you really are?

* 3 Beliefs About Happiness That Are Making People Unhappy
... and how to achieve more rational satisfaction.

Why Emotional Neglect Leaves People Feeling Flawed
... and 4 steps to begin healing.

* 7 Ways to Stop Overreacting to Stress
5. Acknowledge factors outside of yourself.

* 5 Reasons Why a Partner Might Withdraw
4. The reemergence of past trauma.

* The Surprising Benefit of Helping Someone in Distress
The rewards of active other-regulation.


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12 Ways Smart People Handle
Toxic People Successfully

* 4 Troubling Signs of Perfectionism
4; Analysis paralysis

* 3 Reasons Why It's So Hard to Ask for Help
1. We don't want to be a burden


How Trauma, Loss, and Anxiety Can Lead to Transformative Growth
"There is no important reality other than inner reality."
~ and ~
Why a Psychologist Who Fled Ukraine Believes
"What Is Yours Cannot Be Lost"

"PTSD is like a bomb which will destroy everything from the inside."


* How to Keep Anxiety From Spiraling Out of Control
Anxiety should not be something to fear.

6 Dysfunctional Family Roles and Their Characteristics

* Why Families Need to Stop Ignoring Sibling Rivalry
"I thought this was how all brothers were."

* 3 Questions to Help You Understand Life Better
2 What felt overwhelming when you first tried it, but now feels routine?

* How to Stop Your Mind When It Spins Out of Control
8 critical steps to ease anxiety.

* 10 Characteristics of Mentally Healthy People
1. they can be happy for others, even when facing their own challenges.

* Therapists Open Up About Their Toughest Cases
"I actually said, 'Sit down right now and shut up!'"

How Childhood Trauma Saps Joy and the Ability to Cope
A bad childhood prevents us from developing a healthy self.

7 Elements of the Psychopathic Personality
5 A constant need for stimulation

8 Things Not to Say to People Who Are Estranged from a Parent
What people with great or good-enough parents need to know.

The Role of Childhood Emotional Neglect in Borderline Personality
Pushing feelings down, then punishing oneself when they return.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy:

Dialectical (Merriam-Webster)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (WebMD)

Acceptance and Mindfulness in Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Chapter 7, "Dialectical Behavior Therapy" (Pg. 175-203)
Clive J. Robins and M. Zachary Rosenthal

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Psychology Today)

* How a Sex Cult Survivor Learned to Own Her Own Body Again
Developing boundaries to recover from cult abuse.

* 15 Signs You're Dealing With A Narcissist, From A Therapist

* 5 Questions Emotionally Intelligent People Would Never Ask
2 "So when are you having kids?"

A New Way of Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma
A new functional model of emotional disorders.

7 Ways to Deal With High-Conflict People
5. Distance and doses.

Trauma Recovery Doesn't Have a Timeline --- and That's OK


Must Read

5 Threatening but Fixable Relationship Challenges
2. Trouble expressing feelings and needs.

8 Insidious Ways Narcissists Try to Control You
How to sidestep narcissistic manipulation and gaslighting.

* 5 Ways We Can Experience Emotional Neglect
4. Incomplete quality of love.

* Doom Spiral: When Negative Thoughts Get Out of Control
The roots and the risk of "chatter".
~ and, part two ~
* Doom Spiral: What to Do if Your Inner Voice Gees Too Far
A new book reveals evidence-based principles supporting schema therapy.

* 4 Signs That a Parent Is Emotionally Immature
2. They never take responsibility.

The 4 Core Rules of Successful Conversations
Quantity, quality, manner, and relation.

* 6 Signs of Mistrust/Abuse Schema
Is it hard for you to trust people you know you can?
~ also ~
Early Maladaptive Schemas (18)
~ and ~
Find the "DNA" of Your Personality
18 schemas to help you know yourself and change your life.


Must Read

5 Reasons Someone Might Stay in a Verbally
Abusive Relationship
Denial, rationalization, normalization, and more.

10 Things You Shouldn't Do to Your Cat
For starters, don't scare them.

* Do Our Cats Actually Like Us?
With those they decide they can trust, slow blinking and purring.

* What Psychology Is Getting Wrong About Narcissism
New research points to missing pieces in our understanding.

* 8 Reasons Why One Strategy Is So Effective at Preventing Suicide
Empowerment, connection, openness, and more.

* 3 Challenges for Kids Whose Parents Lack Emotional Intelligence
2. They don't learn how to talk about, or control, their own emotions.

4 Ways People Cross the Line From Sharing to "Trauma Dumping"
What to consider before disclosing past Trauma.

* The 3 Types of Narcissists
Not all narcissists are angry; some are quite nice, to certain people.

* Do You Have a Burnout-Prone Personality?
Rest, or stepping away, can delay burnout but not prevent it.

2 Things Not to Say to Someone Who's Depressed
It's not easy to just cheer up, so don't suggest that it is.

4 Types of Gaslighting in Families
1. The double bind.

Must Read

The Relationship Skill Every Couple Needs to Build
How to make each other feel understood and cared for.

10 Things to Remember When Your Partner Triggers You
2. No one can read your mind.

10 Things Not to Say to Trauma Survivors
10. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

6 Signs of Childhood Emotional Neglect in a Loved One
1. They never talk about themselves.

9 Signs of Childhood Emotional Neglect, and 3 Ways to Heal
The absence of emotional support in
childhood can be damaging and long-lasting.

The 6 Things Kids Actually Need From Their Parents
1. Secure relationships.

* 3 Things Emotionally Intelligent Parents Do
2. They listen instead of lecturing.

* Where Toxic Shame Comes From and How to Work Through It


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