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[March 23, 2018, 3:48 pm. I'm tossing this page together on the fly, will come back and expand and fine tune at a later date.]

A quick sample of a simple AutoCAD design created for my personal use, a footing form for an 8x16 porch: PDF Document

More coming soon.......


[Again, tossing this together on the fly.......]

I first got involved with Computer Aided Design (CAD) work when given the opportunity to launch a Work Instruction program at an electronics manufacturing facility in Murfreesboro, TN., then known as Heatcraft but now owned by Honeywell but I saw it go through three name changes prior to that (one of the reasons I left). I was working in the Quality Control/Assurance group at the time but later transitioned into the Electronic Engineering R&D (Research & Development) Group where, among other things, I was put in charge of processing all the Engineering Changes/Deviations and the drawings and documentation that went with that process. A chunk of that work included updating AutoCAD drawings.

More coming soon.......

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