Geothermal Geoexchange Heating Cooling Hot Water Systems "Geo-Systems"    Eliminate All Fossil Fuel Bills. While providing the most Comfortable, Healthy, Energy Efficient, Clean, EcoFriendly Green Near Zero Homes and Buildings in New Jersey. Design, Installation, Service and Repair by

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Solar powered geothermal heating cooling systems using geoexchange heat pumps = "Geo-Systems"

Stop Paying for Gas, Oil, Electric, Wood or Propane to Heat Your Home. There is Free Solar Powered Geothermal Heating Cooling Energy under your feet . Use this Free Geothermal Energy to "Heat and Cool" your Home with our Geothermal Heat Pumps using Geoexchange technology in your own backyard. Visit us on Facebook for pictures, videos, articles, info, etc.

The Earth is a giant Solar collector that absorbs Solar Energy from the Sun and stores it underground as thermal energy.Here in NJ, New Jersey this Geothermal heat energy is 50+ degrees. We use this stored energy with Geoexchange energy transfer wells connected to a Geothermal heat pump to unlock this free solar powered Geothermal heating cooling energy.  Open Loop Geothermal Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning,Hot Water Systems for domestic or radiant heat systems use ground water energy transfer wells (Geoexchange). Closed Loop Geothermal systems use Geoexchange energy wells with fluid filled U bend underground piping to transfer (Geoexchange) this free Solar Powered Geothermal Energy. Standing Column's are a hybrid combination of open and closed loop using Geoexchange in rock formations to transfer this free energy.

Solar Powered Geothermal heating cooling systems using geoexchange heat pumps = "Geo-Systems" Geothermal  Geoexchange "Geo-Systems" are the only Solar Energy Systems that work 24/7 even when the sun isn't shining. They are the ultimate energy management tool part Heating , part Cooling and part PIGGY BANK !! Geothermal  Geoexchange systems unparalleled 500% + energy efficiency means "Down to Earth" cost of heating, cooling, hot water. Investigate & act now while Energy Efficient Mortgages, GeoSmart financing, Leasing and the 30% federal tax credits are available. Click here for TV newscast video describing Geo-Systems design & installation in New Jersey and PBSTV  "Go Greener" video. "Geo-Systems " are not an expense but an investment.

Solar Powered Geothermal heating cooling systems using geoexchange heat pumps = "Geo-Systems" You will enjoy four seasons of comfortable, temperate, healthy, clean filtered air 24/7, no more blasts of hot or cold air. Built in humidity control make your basement recreation room luxuriously livable. Energy Recovery Fresh Air Ventilators "UV" Germicidal Air Purification further enhance your level of comfort and safety including reduced allergens, dust, mold, mildew, germs, volatile organic chemicals & carcinogens.No chimney, flame, smoke,  hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide or potentially dangerous explosive fossil fuels.   The United States Department of Energy USDOE endorses the use of Geo-Systems for a cleaner, healthier environment to reduce urban smog, acid rain, your carbon footprint, plus a huge savings in electricity. The smallest installed Geothermal  Geoexchange system is equal to planting an acre of trees or removing 2 cars from the road.  We are insured and licensed master NJDEPE well drillers, electro-mechnical contractors. We are also the first and only Lifetime Certified Geoexchange  Geothermal Designer Installer in the state of NJ and the first and the only company to build an Energy Star Solar Powered Geothermal Geoexchange Heated & Cooled near zero model home. We are recognized as the established leader in the industry, uniquely qualified in the utilization of these solar energy powered Geothermal Geoexchange Heating, Cooling , Hot Water Systems.  Owned and operated by experienced specialists in the technological aspects of planning, design, selection, application, installation, service, repair and maintenance of all equipment currently available for residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings. Solar Powered Geothermal heating cooling systems using Geoexchange heat pumps = "Geo-Systems"

Optional solar powered hot water systems provide your, pool or spa with hot water 24/7 rain or shine. Geothermal / Geoexchange Systems use Advanced Technology, Modern Innovative Engineering, State of the Art Design, Robust High Quality Construction & Unsurpassed Reliability. Research proves the most energy efficient homes in America have Geo-Systems Nascar driver Jeff Gordon's home has a Geothermal  Geoexchange System. Our Energy Star Modular Homes feature Superior Walls Precast Insulated Concrete Foundations . Options include Radiant Floor Warming   "Thermos Bottle" insulation package with Closed Cell Spray Foam and Lo-E House Wrap   plus Solar & Wind generating options.
      Solar Powered Geothermal heating cooling systems using geoexchange heat pumps = "Geo-Systems"

  " Be Nice To It"

The Earth will help pay your  Heating and Cooling bills

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" Geo-Systems"   feature   Solar Powered Geothermal heating cooling systems using geoexchange heat pumps = "Geo-Systems"    made in America

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