Haarp induced blackouts





Power Returns To Brazil After Huge Blackout - Nov 11/09


Massive power outage hits Florida... - Feb 26

See more mews below they are preparing the world for project Blue beam = the false Second Alien coming of god = the Rise of the great deceiver = the Antichrist to Power in Jerusalem as if he is god. Read it here = Project Blue Beam.


Haarp is being exposed for fear producing power outages like this watch the videos


Cut Cables With Map Show How Vulnerable Internet Can Be - Feb 1 2008

Fifth Undersea Cable Cut - Underwater bogeyman continues secret - Feb 6 2008

Connecting The Many Undersea Cut Cable Dots - 9 Or More - Rense.com - Feb 5 2008





The state of this world is evil because people world rather worship death on Sunday = Lucifer the Pope the Sun god when Moses said don't worship the Sun, or the moon, or the stars.

All through out our history this was the decision people from their hearts had to make... do they worship Lucifer the false Angel of light the Sun God or the true Jesus.

This world has clearly chosen the Sun day Sabbath (=death) over the Saturday Sabbath = Life . They have ears to hear but can not and eyes to see but can not see the truth because they hide behind their sins.

When this world worships death, Gods gives them what they desire which is death and people are dieing everywhere on this planet today 6.6 million in Afghanistan. 1.3million in Iraq, 46,000 dead each month in this Congo war, in the past 6 million Jews, This is just the tip of the iceberg of mass murders that have happened because the church refuses correction and will not return to Jesus = Saturday Sabbath .

Jesus said all who will not honour the Seventh day will die.

I can see that Jesus means those who worship Lucifer on Sun day will die because the keeping of the Sabbath is not a Heaven or Hell issue as it is a shadow of things to come.

The Pope is Lucifer the Babylonian Sun god <-must watch videos

showing proof that Islam is Catholic they are the same as both hold symbols of Sun god worship = idolatry or Satan worshipping.

Deuteronomy 17:3 And hath gone and served other gods, and worshipped them, either the sun, or moon, or any of the host of heaven, which I have not commanded;


2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.


Massive power outage hits Florida... - Feb 26


Haarp is being exposed for fear producing power outages like this watch the videos





Osama Bin Laden is working for the C.I.A. and always has been.


Lets see .... a tree knocked out power in Sweden .

It was a faulty power grid in the U.S.


All these events one right after another but it was not a Government sponsered terrorist attack .

Ya right !!! Lawlessness is running rampant in our Governments !!!


Don't be fooled by these lies !!! Satan is trying to deceive us any way he can !!!

Its been said that Satan tweaks the Bible and spits it back out as the truth ( Angel Of Light ) and will lead many astray








                                                                                               July 28, 2003


"An Islamic website on Sunday carried a statement attributed to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda terror network claiming responsibility for a plane crash in Kenya that left 12 Americans and two South Africans dead . The statement, the authenticity of which could not be verified, said the plane was hit 'head on' with a ground-to-air SAM-7 missile. It was apparently fired by followers of Mohammed Atef, the Egyptian national suspected of being Bin Laden's number two.

The statement said three CIA agents were on board the plane searching for Mujahedeen positions on the Kenyan border.


              It also promised the Iraqi people the 'arrival, very soon , of a present from Osama bin Laden to

( US President George W ) Bush and his band'.


Kenyan officials said the light aircraft crashed into Mount Kenya amid thick clouds on July 19, and that the 12 Americans killed in the crash were members of the same extended family, including two grandparents…"





Friday , 15 August , 2003


Work has been going on through the night to restore power after massive blackouts hit major cities in the eastern

United States and Canada . The power failures caused chaos as they spread from New York to Detroit , and Toronto to Ottawa. Traffic lights failed, underground railways were evacuated and people were trapped in lifts in offices and apartments.

Canadian officials said a fire at a power plant near the upstate New York town of Niagara caused the outage, but US officials disputed that theory, although they said terrorism was not to blame.

Power is slowly returning to the affected areas - thought to encompass more than 50 million people - but full restoration will take much longer, officials say. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission spokesman Bryan Lee said the outage destabilised the power grid , cascading up and taking "a loop around the Great Lakes into Canada". But US officials were looking at a power transmission problem from Canada as the most likely cause of the biggest outage in US history, said a spokeswoman for New York Governor George Pataki .




August 18, 2003

 Al-Qaida has claimed responsibility for the worst blackout in U.S. history which affected 50 million residents across the Northeast and Midwest as well as parts of southern Canada, according to the Arab newspaper Al-Hayat. The London daily printed a communiqué attributed to the terror network that stated the " brigades of Abu Fahes Al Masri" had hit two main power plants supplying major industrial cities in the U.S. and Canada, "its ally in the war against Islam and their neighbors."


His statement assured the "operation was carried out on the orders of

Osama bin Laden to hit the pillars of the U.S. economy ."


The statement first appeared on the website of the Arabic on-line group Global Islamic Media, which has published al-Qaeda statements in the past. The communiqué listed alleged "benefits" of the "operation" including:


"It showed that America will not live in security until ... the release of all prisoners, including Shaykh Umar Abd ar-Rahman,

and the departure of [ enemy forces ] from the land of the Muslims, including Jerusalem, the Arabian Peninsula, and Kashmir."

"It brought dread to [Americans'] hearts, just as they do to the Muslims ."

"It struck at the chief stronghold of the American economy ( the world stock exchange )."

"It was a message delivered to the United Nations against Islam, whose headquarters is in New York."

"It was a message to all investors that America has become an insecure country for their money, for as is known, the

American economy is totally dependent on investor confidence ."

The statement further boasted the outage as having delivered a " blow to the economy " with the shutdown of seven major airports and nine nuclear reactors. It also erroneously claimed the Internet was shut down and business at the world banks' New York headquarters was halted.

The purported al-Qaeda message ended with: "we tell the Muslims that this is not the awaited strike, but it is called the war of skirmishes [to drain the enemy], and that the American snakes are enormous and need to be consumed and weakened to be destroyed."

The authenticity of the communiqué has not yet been determined. Terror expert Yossef Bodansky told WorldNetDaily his Mideast sources are studying the text to come up with a determination. "The jury is still out on how credible this is," Bodansky said. "I'm not ruling out anything."

The director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare said al-Qaeda has been advertising for a long time that a catastrophic attack on the U.S. power-supply infrastructure was something it wanted to do. He added that the current theories being floated by industry officials that three transmission lines in Ohio apparently started a chain reaction that caused the widespread outage "don't hold water."

Al-Qaeda is known to posses detailed schematics of power facilities in North America. Yet Bodansky wonders why, if the text is authentic, it contains no description of exactly how the attack was carried out. For instance, did a computer hacker induce an accident that caused a colossal failure ?

In his book " Bin Laden : The Man Who Declared War on America" Bodansky documents how Saddam Hussein has supported al-Qaeda for over a decade.

The communiqué described the power outage as the "realization" of the "gift" to the Iraqis recently promised by bin Laden.

"This is to let the criminal Bush and his gang know that the penalty will be suited to their action," the statement reads. "The soldiers of God cut off power to [cities of America and Canada], plunging the lives of Americans into darkness, just as the criminals had plunged the lives of the Muslim peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan , and Palestine into darkness. The Americans lived one black day that they will never forget. The lived a day of terror, alarm, and fear so that they might come to know that the penalty will suit the action." Calls for comment to the Department of Homeland Security have not been returned. White House and other government officials were quick to publicly rule out terrorism as the cause of Thursday's blackout  .

"I can say for certain this is not a terrorist act," President George W. Bush told reporters at a press conference Thursday in California .

Citing "knowledgeable sources close to the investigation," however, Fox News reports sabotage by a computer hacker is one possibility still on the table, as investigators have been unable to rule it out. Counterterrorism experts have been warning about the vulnerabilities of the U.S. power grid to cyber attack , including the fact that power generating and distributing companies are connected through the Internet and the control software they run, known as SCADA, is available to U.S. enemies. In an April interview for the PBS program, "Frontline," former White House cyber security adviser Richard Clarke said it troubled him that a number of al-Qaeda operatives - including bin Laden lieutenant Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was arrested earlier this year - had technical backgrounds. "The fact that these people are gathering skills in cyber war capability is very troubling, combined with the fact that we know that they're looking on the Web for hacking tools. We know that, because we've seized some of their computers," he said. "It suggests to me that al-Qaeda may be trying to grow an indigenous cyber warfare capability. I think it suggests that someday we may see al-Qaeda, if it's still alive and operating, use cyberspace as a vehicle for attacking infrastructure - not with bombs, but with bytes." The North American Electric Reliability Council, an industry monitoring group, worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to take steps to head off hack attacks. NERC recently passed mandatory cyber security regulations for all utilities, but they have yet to be implemented.


Cause of outage remains mystery

Record blackout strikes Northeast



Blackout Disrupts London Rush Hour
August 28, 2003


               Power went out in parts of the capital and southeast England on Thursday, bringing much of the London Underground and many regional trains to a halt and trapping rush hour commuters in the tunnels. Electricity was cut for about 40 minutes before it came back on at about 7 p.m., said EDF Energy, which handles some power transmission for London. The outages appeared to be confined to south London and Kent, a county southeast of the city. London Mayor Ken Livingstone told Sky News that about a half million commuters were affected. He said up to 150,000 people had lost power. A spokesman for the Underground said 60 percent of the subway system was halted at the height of the evening rush hour, including the majority of services in central London. Workers were evacuating affected trains and stations. News reports said many passengers were stuck underground, but no accidents or injuries were immediately reported on the train or subway lines. The Tube can get uncomfortably warm during summer, but temperatures outside were only about 65 degrees. One woman was stuck outside Victoria Station and said the line for cabs was "about a mile long." Pubs in the area have been packed with stranded commuters. EDF spokesman Gareth Wynn said the problem originated in two high-voltage lines belonging to the national power grid that help supply the Wimbledon area of southeast London.

He said it was very unlikely the problem had been caused by any kind of sabotage.

A spokesman for the British Transport Police said the outage had affected all of south London's major overland train stations - Victoria, London Bridge , Waterloo - and temporarily halted all the area's main train lines. "Some stations are in darkness and others have emergency lighting," he said on condition of anonymity before power returned. The transport police later said power was being restored on some train lines. "Things are now starting to move slowly," the spokesman said. The police were contacting London Underground to make sure there were no people on the tracks before reactivating the lines. Kevin Groves, a spokesman for Network Rail , which operates Britain's rail infrastructure, said power had been cut along tracks stretching 20 to 30 miles south of London. London's Metropolitan Police said 270 sets of traffic lights had gone out in and near south London, but that all had come back on.




                                         5m go without power in Sweden , Denmark


                                                                                         24 September 2003


             "We cannot say the exact sequence or interconnection between these events," Svenska Kraftnat technical director Sture Larsson told Reuters.
The power outage may have hit four to five million consumers, including one to two million in
Sweden and between two and three million in Denmark, officials estimated.

Efforts to restore power in both countries were hampered by problems at power stations which had to be taken off stream and where production could not be restored immediately. "All the power plants are not yet running," said spokeswoman Karin Tronbeck at Danish power supplier Elkraft. Operators of the Swedish power stations said it would take 10-12 hours to restore production, though customers were being supplied from other sources and by
1600 GMT power was restored to most customers in southern Sweden, a Sydkraft official said. Power was earlier cut
in southern Sweden and throughout the Zealand island, where the Danish capital Copenhagen is located.




Lights back on in Italy following massive blackout


Sun, Sep 28, 2003


The lights came on again across Italy evening after the worst power blackout in the country's history caused havoc, leaving thousands stranded on trains and in elevators, and lead to the death of at least three people.

Only the island of Sardinia was unaffected by the cut, which left about 50 million of Italy's 57 million

inhabitants without power from about 3:30 am (0130 GMT) and up to 30,000 passengers trapped in trains.

Within 15 minutes virtually the entire country, from the Alps mountains in the north to Sicily in the south, was plunged into darkness. Power gradually returned across Italy by late afternoon, although many areas in the south of the country had to wait until evening for the lights to come back on. At least three deaths were being

blamed on the blackout. Two elderly women in the southeastern region of Puglia died after falling down their stairwells, while a third died after her clothes caught fire on a candle. 


The company in charge of Italy's power supply, GTRN, said the power system shut down almost instantaneously in a disastrous " domino effect " across most of the country.


"We lost control of the electricity grid in four seconds," a spokesman for the company said.

Italy's industry minister Antonio Marzano said the blackout "wasn't due to the Italian network, but a combination of events which began in Switzerland." French electricity distribution network RTE (Reseau de Transport d'Electricite) said its link to the country failed due to a cut on the Italian side the loss of the Swiss supply.


After the dramatic power cut which hit the United States in mid-August, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had assured Italians that such a disaster could never happen in their country.


Hospitals in the affected areas switched to emergency generators following the cut, which followed blackouts in London as well as Sweden and Denmark.


In Milan and Rome, passengers were trapped in subway tunnels as escalators and lifts ground to a halt.

Television footage showed people blundering around in the dark, notably in the capital where ironically, a so-called "White Night" of round-the-clock cultural festivities -- an extravaganza of art events -- turned into a black night for millions. Many people taking part in the event at first thought that the blackout was part of the entertainment. "A big clamor went out as though people were asking 'who is the joker that switched out the lights?' I thought it was part of the White Night," said Christophe Girard , the assistant mayor in charge of culture in Paris , who attended the Rome event. The delay in getting power restored was complicated because imported electricity was being used at the time of the blackout. Italian power stations needed time to take up the reins once the emergency became clear. "Our system is vulnerable because we depend on foreign supply," said Andrea Bollino, president of GRTN. Bollino said it would take until Tuesday for the situation to return to completely normal, and that the utility would remain on heigtened alert on Monday. The head of the civil protection services, Guido Bertolasi, told RAI Uno television following an emergency meeting at midday on Sunday that the situation was "under control". "We immediately guaranteed power supply to essential infrastructures: hospitals, fire services and police. This is a serious problem -- fortunately it happened on a Sunday," he said.


Some power lines in parts of neighboring southern Austria were also shut down for almost five hours during the night, officials and media reports said.


The cuts mainly left trains traveling between Italy and Austria without electricity, as well as parts of southern Tyrol and Carinthia province, where mostly companies were affected





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