Modern Sun Symbols pictures start below



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See picture proof of the many people who worship Lucifer and hunt us today!





See the "V" signs here <--- This sign is seen around the World in the protest look for it .



Matthew 4:8 Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;


Mathew 4:9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.



Special note = the V being used by many false Christians is a Satanic Luciferian Symbol see the proof here = Alex Jones is using it and Pastor John Hagee is using it


just to name a few Mason illuminati that have infiltrated the church or truth movement.


Here is solid proof Alex Jones is Coin tell Pro Mason himself a destroyer

of the truth and here he disrupts a fight he himself is promoting







Are Alex Jones, Ron Paul, And Jesse Ventura, Freemasons



V Podium John Hagee Freemason Sun Symbol Video


ALEX JONES V for victory posters


2 Corinthians 11-13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

2 Corinthians 11-15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.



All Sun Symbols are taken from Witchcraft today and here is the Proof !


Daniel 8:25 And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.


Foreign ministry advises idf don't stop gadhafi ship until it approaches gaza waters - July 13


All seeing eye with the Sun Symbol found on many Freemason owned Business Symbols seen below this above symbol is seen on an aid shipment loading Fri from South of Athens Greece Fri July 9 2010


All Nations are in on Project Blue Beam and the unfolding world war to bring the Pope to power as if he is God when all freemasons worship him as Lucifer


Lucifer in the dictionary = the devil and Satan.


2 Corinthians 11-13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
2 Corinthians 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
2 Corinthians 11-15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

Satan is Lucifer the Sun God = False Angel of Light = Jesus is the real Angel of Light = John 9-5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.


Jesus is the Spirit of Light and Lucifer is the Spirit of Darkness That's why it makes not difference if you work night shift the rest of yours days as long as you are right with the Lord you are a physical part of the Day = Light through your faith. That's why we do not Burn from the brightness of the the Lords coming as we are one with the Lords Spirit .


See also - Freemason Occult Symbols and their meanings


The Catholic Church Worships the Sun and they changed the Lord's Sabbath day to Sun God Day = the false Angel of Light = Lucifer. God strictly warned us in scripture not to worship the Sun or he would destroy us. Deuteronomy 4:19 Deuteronomy 17:3 Jeremiah 8:2 Ezekiel 8:16


Saturday or Sunday Sabbath

In the book, History of the Sabbath, by Andrews, we read on page 263: “In the time of Justin Martyr, Sunday was a weekly festival widely celebrated by the heathen in honor of their god, the sun. And in presenting to the emperor of Rome an apology for his brethren, Justin takes care to tell him three times that the Christians held their assemblies on this day of general observance,” This was written in A.D. 140, about 90 years after the apostle Paul had predicted that there would be a falling away from truth. Sun Worshippers sacrife scenes + this clip with the eclipse but terrible music added so turn down your music Human Sacrife + Ecipse central to Sun Worship


Special note in this Part of the Movie is the Sun worshippers Human Sacrifice + the Eclipse as apart of Sun Worship and made by the Catholic Mel Gibson.




Take note of the four Pyramids making up the Antichrist's cross = proof he is the Sun God.




Freemason sun worship is the worship of Lucifer the false Angel of Light.


He is also being worshipped as jesus christ but as if he is Death


unlike the real Jesus Christ which we worship as Life .


Eternal Life or Eternal Death your choice who your father is you serve.


Luke 3:14 And the soldiers likewise demanded of him, saying, And what shall we do? And he said unto them, Do violence to no man, neither accuse any falsely; and be content with your wages.


The freemason's Jesus is Lucifer definition of Lucifer = the devil =

Vessels for honouring God's words and vessels for dishonouring God's words and here we see Esau's' church dishonouring God's words as they are the Catholic family (Jesuits) behind (Greek) freemasonry today.



Worshippers of death are preaching Jesus Christ massages in almost all churches today but it is Lucifer not our Lord and Savoir they are preaching to you when you attend. This is their tri-unity God of Lucifer they are preaching and here we see another freemason owned company with clear pyramid Sun Symbols present and the three images or dots/tri are for the three part Angel of Death = Isaiah 27:1 In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea. Subliminal =Try Jesus Icon.....  wrong Jesus!


Second subliminal message = Jesus worshippers are killing Muslims with these weapons. These people are devil worshippers disguised as Christians or Wolves in sheep's clothing.


2 Corinthians 11:4 For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.


See the Sun Symbol on the Angels backs and the Pyramid for their bellies and even the Sun for their heads this is the tri-unity of evil god the freemasons worship. Even their hymn book has Christmas embedded all through it . This church is supposed to know Christmas if the worship of the False Angel of Light but eyes to see and they can not. The three Images on the right are clearly for the 33 degree's of freemasonry who have total control over this church globally.


The First symbol is of the rising Sun , which is used to mark Freemason controlled businesses for the most part.


The second Saturday I attended I was absolutely blown away when I heard the pastor say the Holy Spirit was for sale as the explanation of Matthew 25 as he said "who else has all things to buy and sell but Jesus". Wow Peter said your Money perish with you for thinking you can buy the Spirit of God. I tried to say something but nothing was coming out of my mouth . I Looked around amazed that no one was convicted like I was at this mans words. I also watched him use the Pyramid symbol with his hands which is taught in Toast masters. He is clearly a Freemason Preacher. As all Freemason's manager or preacher prospects go through Toast Master. I then Watched a video of the Dec year end  and saw with my own eyes the cannibal's in the Jungle who came to become Christians after they saw an Image of Jesus in the Sky... actually they said they Saw the exact picture they were being shown by the Seventh day Adventist in the Sky. Blue Beam exposed take note of the Cry of New Guinea.

Project Blue Beam exposed has a story Just like it as they tested speech into head technologies on a tribe in the Jungle and displayed the Holographic Image over their Village and when they were shown what it meant they converted to Christianity and here is the video proof . This is why the Lord made me Go here as there Hymn Book has a Pyramid on it even their Icon for their religion has two sets of 3 Sun symbols right on it = 33 degree freemasons control. Take note of the 13 th Sabbath offering = 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati.  I wasn't being corrected but God showed me proof for my doubts. See more images with Sun Symbols for this religion here Look for the Sun emanating from the back of one of the Logo's.



Disinformation agents of the New Worldly Order David Icke, Alex Jones, Zeitgeist

ALEX JONES UNCLE STEVEN JONES was the man chosen by the Bush crime family to destroy cold fusion and now he is leading people away from the truth to Nano technology when in fact we have the pictures of the cut beams. See it here =


Alex Jones promotes Zionist heretics Jeffrey and Missler - Aug 18


Alex Jones is being exposed by patriots as Freemason/Zionist agent - Aug 8


Alex Jones was not the first person to say the U.S government could attack the towers and use their patsy Osoma Bin laden it was Bill Copper listen to his words your self = copper predicted 9 11


It was incredible to see how Alex Jones stole this mans works word for word = control valve for the truth ! Just as Mark Philips and Cathy O'Brian tried to do to me but nothing came of it except the shot across the bow warning me this is how it is done.


Alex Mason Jones was not the first person to make a movie exposing 9 11 this man was = Eric Hufschmid deceptions <---See the video




Winged Solar Disc of old Egypt


Sun Worship is the Worship of Lucifer the False Angel of light

See also List of Ancient Sun symbols and means here

 Here again on Alex Jones Site is another Sun Symbol of Freemasonry. Take note of the Sun god on the staff with the Angels wings and two .. not one ..but two snakes. Moses held up one snake which is the image ( Key to it was the inward image not the outward image of man which is Sin or Death ) of God's church stuck in Vile bodies owned by the devil which is two snakes and one Dragon worshipped as the Sun god or the false Angel of Light.


Isaiah 27:1 In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.


Satan is two snakes and one dragon = angels are three persons one man just as God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are three persons one man and we are built in Gods image three persons me, myself, and I but one man.


The dragon is the head of the body of evil, Judas Iscariot is his first begotten son he became one with and is his word made flesh and the third part is the spirit of Death. Proving the Pope being worshipped as Death and the Sun God today makes him the Devil.

That is why they teach their jesus is a tri-unity being but they speak of the jesus worshipped as Death (anti or opposite christ) and not our father who we worship as Life. 


This is another Catholic creation and he has a "Goat T" and he is the biggest Mocker of Jesus I have seen yet.



And can you see the raised R with the Sun in one and the Star in the other.


This is the embedding the Sun Worshippers do when they show their love for the devil Lucifer the Sun God .

The trunity being that stops for 3 days every year at the Winter Solstice . He is the Angel of Death = The Piercing Serpent / The crooked Serpent/ and the Dragon. The dragon is the head of the body and that is why they raise it to be bigger than the rest and also in a Pyramid like Configuration.  The Pyramids were built for the Sun Gods and Pharaoh a Sun Worshipper.





All Crop Circles have the exact same lines through them when they show Sun Symbols designs manmade by Freemasons.



Crops circles are all Man made

and here they admit they created it and it is all the perfect work of all the other Crop circles with the mason Sun symbols in them - Lharmen Jan 6


This web site exposes the man made crop circles with an admission from the makers Nvidia themselves. - Lharmen
NBC Bay Area was originally tipped off by an anonymous source, who said Silicon Valley chipmaker Nvidia was behind the crop circle that was first spotted toward the end of 2013 by a photographer named Julie Belanger. We now have confirmation from the inside. The company plowed through the farm to (eventually) get publicity for their new mobile chip. Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang detailed how the company came to create the circle that got so much attention press conference Sunday night at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, saying he had told his marketing department to find a way to generate buzz about the chip on a shoe-string budget.



All freemason owned businesses are mind control projects make sure you read the entire page as to educate yourself as to what is happening to you if you work for these companies.





Alien agenda proof with Alex Jones trailer at the Bottom which proves he is working for the bad guys.



Alex Jones is redirecting peoples minds away from the Catholic Jesuits control over all freemason's activities.



Here we can see clearly that Alex Jones is Worshipping the Sun and is signifying Aaron Russo was an Illuminati or Illuminated one.



Here again just recently Alex Jones Posts another Sun Symbol embedded in the picture.This is the worship of Lucifer as if he is jesus.



See more below





1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.



Even here in this Edmonton Sun Cartoon they know Death worship is the worship of the Sun and to appease him they Kill people which is What the Hell's Angel = 303 rd division of the U.S. military are doing around the world today.


See also the Catholic movie made by Mel Gibson called Apocalypto this video short shows only the pyramids at the end that they used to kill people by way of cutting their heads off to appease the Sun god = Death which is shown towards the end of this very Dark full of Subliminal images Movie. God's Children are destroyed for lack of knowledge so I tell you to Pray for the Lords protection and watch this film to the end so you can see how the worshippers of Death have always sacrifices humans to appease the Sun god/Death. 1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.


All across our Western world and were ever you find this wicked worship you see Prostitutes are being killed continuously and they are being killed by the Hell's Angles to appease the Sun god as a sin sacrifice to him . Death is the Devil. They framed a man in Vancouver first accusing him of around 40 murders and them I believe Pickton guilty on six counts of second-degree murder - The Globe  Since then another 50 have gone missing but this is happening (even here in Edmonton) in every country around  the world today that these Catholic Jesuit/Freemason = death worshippers exist in and they were even exposed at Bohemian Grove for putting people through the Fire as a Sun/death god sacrifice. Satan the Pope is the False Angel of Light or Sun god today worshipped as Death and the liars also call him life if you worship him that is.


I take special Note that George W Bush has the same hair style as Hitler just the right part verses the left part.




Watch Video = Prescott Bush funds Hitler = Skull Worshipper = Death Worshippers = They killed Jesus in a place called Golgotha interpreted a place of the Scull = Death Worshippers Killed Jesus and they have now become Apostles of righteousness exactly as the Bible described they would .  The death head is worship of the Angel of death which is the last enemy of God to be destroyed. 1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. Psalms 78:49 He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them.



 Ethiopian Patriarch tells Pope he will show artifact to the World - June 25/09

Fake illuminati Ark of the covenant to be unveiled as told to the Pope (Antichrist)... see the pyramid = Sun worship is forbidden.


Shroud forgery- Not so fast, say scientists - April 15  


The Catholic Church are creating Christian Symbols to deceive the World  !



Never forget that Saul was on the road to Damascus doing the High Roman Priests services when he was blindly killing God's people thinking he was doing God's services. God told him he was not.

Today he is called the Pope





When Russia counter attacks possible within a Month after Damascus destruction we have to see the anger in Gods face read what we will see and the scriptures to back it up. This page also shows through many scripture why we are not to worship the Sun as it is the worst of four abominations they do in the house of God = the worship of Lucifer = the worst you can do as it is the worship of the false Angel of Light and has been worshipped in opposition to the Lord all through history of man.



It is a great mistake to honour a Sun day Sabbath (unwise Virgins) when the Lord kept a 7 TH day Saturday Sabbath (Wise Virgins who today are buying food for the coming Deception and the global economic collapse to bring in the one world currency = E commerce bar code tattoo = the Mark of the Beast).


The 7 TH day of the week is Saturday on almost all calendars and is honoured by the seventh day Adventists and the Jews for a reason.


Worshipping the Sun is the greatest abomination of the four God showed Ezekiel because it is the false angel of light worship = Lucifer




Ezekiel 8:15 Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? turn thee yet again, and thou shalt see greater abominations than these.


IN Ezekiel 8:16 And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD's house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east. See more modern Pyramid Symbols here


The Catholics are the Creators of Freemasonry and they all worship the Sun god




Sun Symbol pictures are at the Bottom and are marked in Links

to other Huge pages with many more.


E commerce Invisible bar code tattoo TO BUY AND TO SELL = E COMMERCE

Alex Jones is on track to lead many people to believe falsely that the Mark of the Beast is not the ECommerce bar code tattoo When It can be nothing else. After this soon to come Global economic collapse the only system that will be available will be Bar code and it is already set up today in the Major Shopping centres around the world.


God Said mark and Bible scholars through out history have warned not to get Tattoo's because it is forbidden . They always knew it was the mark God warned about.

Leviticus 19:28

Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD

It is clearly a Tattoo and Alex Jones is leading many by way of the truth to except this when it comes so be aware ... be very aware in these the last days. It is not a Biometrics thumb scanner ... where is the Mark ???? and how is your thumb your right hand or your forehead ???  He is leading many to Hell because of this issue right here.


Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Revelation 13:17   And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.



Is this how a true Christian and not a Jesuit or a Mason would want to be seen ...looks like a devil?



Memo to Hillary's science czar: organic ag isn't a 'myth" - June 30


Fedoroff thinks organic is a fraud.

Just check out the sun symbols through out the Organic stores products and you will see the proof in plain site.









Originally titled Liberty Enlightening the World


Jesus said: John 9:5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.


This is the Androgynous being clothed with a cloud and the Sun is emanating from it's head.

The general appearance of the statue’s head approximates the Roman Sun-god Apollo or the Greek Sun-god Helios.


The War on drugs Hell's Angels are the Roman Catholic mafia (Jesuits) and the Greek mafia (Masons)

 .. What a coincidence they all worship the Sun god today.


Lady Liberties Symbolism = Rome's goddess of freedom from slavery


Nothing new under the Sun it is still Rome worshipping the false gods


This is the Sun God  and worshipped today as the Pope.



Never forget Alberto Rivero was a high ranking Jesuit General and he was taught to cut the Catholics down even the Popes to gain trust as they deceive by way of the truth today.


( I see how Alex Jones is connected to masons and I heard him say he talks to the masons all the time then the comment was rubbed out of the rebroadcast. )


This first Alex information is very important but the rest of the page is equally as important so look at it all will open your eyes to what is about to happen to our world through microwave mind control through the cell towers. Total Mind control is real. Watch these videos and you will hear information vital to your survival of things to come = New World Order through Mind Control


This video talks about the Sun God worshippers adding their symbols into their Logos and flags. No this that what  I found before I saw Proof came from the Lord not man and now I can back it up with words from Man... Sun Symbols are everywhere we see the Catholic creation of the Jesuit/Freemason armies.

Take note that both the people taking his seat have Goat tee's .. We are sheep.

They are Goats. Jesuit/Masosns took his shoes as they have been trained to do.






Remember that Alberto Rivero (High ranking Jesuit General) was trained to deceive by way of the truth and the more truth they tell the larger the lie they will eventually sell.


Alex Jones, using just another mans pass as if he was this guy, he went past or through three levels of the highest security with just this mans pass and he entered Bohemian Grove and stood amount presidents from all over the world with a hidden camera he says .


I had a key found inside of my wallet when I went to the Edmonton Court house to pay a ticket that resembled a handcuff key and this was equal to airport security but we are to believe the presidents of the world have weak enough security to allow this to happen ???


Alex is a Jesuit/mason plain and simple and he was let into Bohemian grove just like he staged the David Gergan video and many arrests for publicity and he is now known world wide for his stand on 9 11 and he has taken the lead on the so called truth movement. Alex is very dangerous as many people like myself have exposed our stand against this Catholic/Masonic religion and now are marked for death and I believe he was created to deceive many not only by leading many to believe the mark is a chip when it is an E commerce bar code tattoo and also to redirect our thoughts to worship the coming Androgynous Antichrist Sun god = or to say the Pope is God after Damascus destruction. They see their god first = Project Blue Beam = A global holographic deception of Jesus the Sun gods return... remember Alberto Rivera was trained to cut the Pope down and he was completely protected for it as he was trained to use the truth as the vehicle of deception.


Important info on Alex Jones at the bottom. He is a Texas talk show host and clearly a Jesuit/mason sun god worshipper.


Alex Jones says there is an above Human Government running things Must see video warn all you know Aliens are Satanic period he creates this video introduction to BARAK OBAMA being an alien god must watch and share with all you know as he is planting the seed our god is an alien god which is what the Jesuit Masons believe.



This connects the "alien" dots between Alex and Mark Philips tranceformation of America and George Noory, David Icke, having an Alien god connection. Lucifer's children are aliens as they are from below and we are from above. They are Alien from the Commonwealth of Faith Which Israel has. With out Faith we can not please God.


George Noory (Military Hell's Angel) Coast to Coast Am picture.

Things are starting to add up with these people being close friends and now I am finding more freemason Sun symbols on their videos and sites every day.


These signs are all around us even on us = on our clothing. The Baphomet = the Image of Satan the Goathead is in a Pyramid configuration in most Dodge Half tons today as one is front and center in the window and two smaller ones are on each door  forming a Pyramid. Satan the Pope has caused craft to prosper as all these people bow down to the Pope = their god Father = death.


Ask yourself if the Pope is not the Antichrist then why do so many people like Bush who say they worship god bow down to this man ??? You as a Christian are not to bow down to any other god at any time but the real God. All freemasons take part in witchcraft = taking control of a persons mind and body and they all bow down to the Pope. See Them bow down here

Remember you will love the one and hate the other not love both the god of this world and Jesus at the same time .



Barak Obama's Sun worship and his Freemason Sun signs


All of Alex Jones friends are Mason Sun God worshippers.

David Icke Sun Symbols in his Video pictures

Mel Gibson the Actor Apocalypto video cover

Sun Symbols for Steve Quayle's video covers

Sun Symbols on Aimee Allen's web site top front and right out in the open !

Ecolo blue pages littered full of Masonic symbols

This is a Sun Symbol See the eclipse embedded into this picture one white half circle crosses over the other half circle.


Gerald Celente the trend forecaster who is never wrong because, because just like Alex Jones, he has the Mason play book = they are masons. Beware they are planning to deceive all to believe the economic crash is far away when it is right in front of us now it looks very much planned for directly after the eclipse. Their worship is the judgements of god are around the Eclipse which they are. 


Gerald Celente web site header give him away as being a mason Sun worshipper... here we see the rising Sun Symbol.



The Sun symbol behind the Earth. Take note of the Eclipse from Apocalypto movie and the Sun worship.  Many times I find the eclipse is what these symbols are representing. The Earth being used as the new world order symbol are all part of Gerald Celente's header.  See more about the freemason Sun Symbols below.


2 Thessalonians 2:11 

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:


They are talking About a Mock Holographic Alien Invasion = Project Blue Beam... I am very serious watch the video here and follow the video link below it.


Watch the rest of the 10 out of the 15 videos on this page ( I only placed 10 of the most relevant on this page) Mind Control - the Planning for the 3rd world war. Warning of a Mock Alien invasion = strong delusion. 9 11 was a dry run for this event. Secret Sound Mind Control technology





Sacred Seal: His ring is called the "Fisherman's Ring", a massive and ornate gold seal ring, which denotes the seal of his

authority. Upon the Pope's death, the Cardinals break his ring and a new signet ring is created for each new

succeeding Pope. Look for the yellow like above as if he is Jesus.

Read it for yourself he is Lucifer worshiped world wide by the Hell's Angels



This is the Catholics (un) holy trinity = this pyramid of evil with the sun emanating from it.

 God's Disciples warned us all not to worship the Sun. Lucifer is the False Angel of Light = The Sun god.

More Occult images I don't want on my site as it is against God to have these

images of Satan = Baphomet = goat head.


We are sheep Satan and his children are goats also called wolves or dogs and Dogs piss on trees to mark their territory and so these Dogs place these symbols of their worship where ever they have control.


It is a she wolf statue a founding symbol of Rome's founders = satanic gods Romulus and Remus sucking the tits of the She wolf = the Catholic Church today.


Catholic Mason controlled Rome just gave a statue of this image to Dalai Lama = Welcome to the family of wolves in sheep's clothing.  


Dalai Lama warns that violence could erupt in Tibet - Feb 11/09 notice how they are always around or associated with death.



Lucifer = the Sun god as he transforms himself into a false Angel of light



Modern Sun symbols start here




Note that all these pictures are taken in Edmonton Alberta Canada and as it is infested by Hell's Angel Military Freemasons.


All these companies are Mind Control Projects using S.S.S.S. = Silent Sound Spread Spectrum Mind control technologies embedded into their music and some times even without the music it is sent into your head directly through speech into skull technologies alone See more here



So many signs have three pyramids or three symbols total. You just have to expend some energy to find some of them like the Bank of Montreal sign above

Tri=unity or the Mason trinity


Hell's Angels are the 303 rd division of the U.S. Military and always have been.

In numerology 3+3 = 6 their Gods perfect number is 666 and we God's children know it is the mark of the creation or the Antichrist.


Pyramid and Sun top right of "Y"


Pyramid embedded into Mayfield Common sign


This Logo has The Sun, The Pyramid, The Earth beside it almost a part of it an eclipse.

It also has the Sun symbols embedded into the Letters "H", and "W", and the "J" see more proof of this below.




This image is seen in many picture in the truth movements web sites connected to Alex Jones.





All three are from the same church ...they really like the Pyramid Sun god worship on Sun god day.






Many freemason Symbols have three bars or three Pyramids or three symbols as it is an occult 's belief in numerology

and the 3 is held in highly regard as very lucky and very powerful witchcraft symbol.


They live in the old testament thinking that it is alright to marry your sister just not of your mother and they teach it is alright to go

into your sons and daughter as Jesus was one with God . Don't get mad at me I hate their ways they are called scum by God for a reason.

Babylonian Image of the Sun = Sun symbol

In the great temple of Babylon, the golden image of the Sun was exhibited for the worship of the Babylonians.

In the temple of Cuzco, in Peru, the disk of the sun was fixed up in flaming gold upon the wall that all who entered might bow down

 before it. The Paeonians of Thrace were sun-worshipers; and in their worship they adored an image of the sun in the form of a disk at the top of

 a long pole.


Sun god symbols being used today where ever Mind Control projects exist controlled by Pedophile masons.

These controllers are Hell's Angels and they have taken over every facet of our society through out the Western nations.



The Catholic created freemasons have gained control over the Mason Run Christian Intel Agency.

Which we can see here are Lucifer the Sun god worshippers...

clearly we see the Sun symbol front and center in the C.I.A. Logos.


After the bread is changed into Christ by the priest it is then placed on a monstrance in the center of a sun burst design.

Before the monstrance Catholic will bow and worship the little wafer as god! The Catholic Encyclopaedia says: 

“In the absence of Scriptural proof, the Church finds a warrant for, and a propriety in, rendering Divine worship to the Blessed Sacrament

in the most ancient and constant tradition…” ( vol 5 p 581, Eucharist)


Phoenix worship is sun worship -


Obama wants 'immediate' Mideast talks - June 8/09



Sun again behind a Catholic Cross They also break Sun dials in church.





These other symbols are also Sun god Symbols and solid proof the freemason pedophile

net work has control over these big business's. These businesses are owned by professional informants and most times run by the Hells Angel as managers all of them being a part of freemasonry. Freemasons all worship the Sun god and call him jesus christ.

another Sun symbols gallery


See the Eclipse in the Sun as the yellow bell ball



This is Iran's flag today. All nations are beast nations in the last days . They leave you no really legitimate choices as they are all controlled but the Catholic Pope and his son the beast/Goat




Many freemason signs symbolize the Eclipse



Pyramid attached to beginning of the "S" and attached to the end of the "Y"

Sun symbol attached to Cats tail in orange


Sun symbol attached to "w" and the "T"


Sun symbol attached to "C" and the "E"


Two Sun Symbols in this bank Logo and they are the two parts that attack to the "C" and the "E" in the above picture



Sun Symbol embedded into the "P" and the "C" ...both of them


This image is seen in many pictures in the truth movements web sites connected to Alex Jones.




Sun Symbol embedded into the "B", "P" and the "A'




Sun Symbol embedded into the hair salon sign


Sun Symbol embedded into the Fas gas sign


Sun Symbol embedded into the Litewave and Shaw logos here ...also take note of the eclipse symbol embedded above the I










Sun Symbol in the Logos




This one is special as you can see a larger picture below it is the R.C.M.P. victims services.

It was said Edmonton Alberta police service was controlled by a New York Mafia and they are through mind controlling freemason.



Catholic Jesuit freemasons control our Military and the R.C.M.P. here in Canada especially here in Edmonton.

and any type of Victim services as they hunt for trauma victims to mind control and I mean mind control = M.K. Ultra that is what the book below is all about = trance formation of America. Written by a Sun worshipper see the Sun symbol clearly here to bring all to believe Aliens are real preparing all of us for Project Blue beam.




Does this one look familiar = Internet Explorer symbol of freemasonry. if they didn't live by fear then why do they hide these images ? and even mobile link by Rogers wireless below it.


The health check, in the above picture, is a freemason symbol easily seen by all who know what their symbol looks like.


Few people see what is really in this picture = a black hooded reaper + Satan their god = G  + his victory = V + is all encompassing = Compass. God said they hunt our every footstep. Catholic Jesuit created Freemasons are the Army the Catholic's have created to exterminate all who will not worship the Pope. The above picture tells you who the Catholic Pope is ... death. The Pope is the all seeing eye which is Horus The Sun god as he is the holy see.





See the Freemason Sun Symbol in the Sticker solid proof here and to top it off Mark and Cathy , when I met them first in Calgary then here in Edmonton ,They made a video of their lecture and used my words (Based on a disc of my story) as if they were their own words. They did this from my life story that I had given them from my C.D. disc . They are rotten to the core. The Man I was forced to sit with during a meeting at the Edmonton R.C.M.P. K Division was Brian Ketel and I was introduced to him in a very transparent disguises as Verne Warwick. This same Hell's Angel is the Head of Mind Control project here in Edmonton So ask yourself why was he with Mark and Cathy ... because they work with/for him.


Keep your friends close keep your enemies closer = The Hell's Angels freemasons favourite saying. 303 rd division of the U.S. Military.

They use sex as a weapon and will betray you with a kiss as they all Worship death = The Sun god.



This book Transformation was written to lure people like me who have broken away from the wicked controls of Witchcraft = Mind control to tell what I can see. I have not yet broken free from working for the mason's As I still work for these wicked people in Jobs only as they own the entire trucking Industry in Canada.

God said when he comes they have a hold of us and refuse to let go . They have a complete strangle hold on the Canadian trucking industry today.


 I discovered after I found this Alex Jones picture which is his old web site back ground it has a Sun god image in it and right quickly after I discovered it it was upgraded to a newer format but you can still look at the cached pages of old and right click on the images to see it for your self. See picture at the bottom of this page.


The old back ground from Alex Jones web site He does say "maybe I should join them" in his Martial law police state rising video and I heard him over and over saying maybe I should join them on air.


Alex You did.


Alex tells us the Olympic rings are a Hitler created Sun Symbol and here we see them on both his and mark Philips Covers.


Right along with Bush and the Satanic horns linked to putting people into trance states.


See the sticker on transformation book cover which is clearly a Freemason Sun Symbol.




See the same Rising Sun Symbol here in the freemasons sign.

Here again is a Rising Sun Symbol around the earth and a Rising Sun symbol as seen in many pictures near the top of page and sunlight below.


Like this one in the Comcast sign but it is embedded into the earth on the opposite side.

Alexis a mason at the highest levels of the New World Order that is why he knows so much about what will happen and how it will happen but only for purposes of distraction and for selling the Spirit of Fear.


He says in this martial Law movie that may be he should join the New World Order. You can't miss the Sun symbols in his cover = guilty of being a part of the New World Order of Sun god Pope worshippers. That is why he is leading the world to believe all this evil is coming from the Jews when it is coming from masons called Zionists. Masons are Catholics as all the the Popes wears a freemason ring.  


Watch this video warning about the Antichrist Obama and again you will see three Sun god symbols for the trinity of evil Sun worship at the end = three rings inside the sites. Take note of the Sun symbols above = rings. Freemasons rings are for their gods (Pope) victory is all encompassing see Hinton mason sign above.


Alex always brags about never being wrong on any of these issues because he has the mason play book. I feel strongly about what Alex is a part of concerning Obama that he will flip sides to lead all to worship the Pope the one we see or one to come. Alex has recently been protecting the Pope as not being at the top of this evil he says it is Israel just like Mel Gibson in a way as he said when arrested saying the Jews are the worlds problem and it was the Catholics who were arm and arm with Hitler when he slaughtered some 5 million of them.


 Never forget Alberto Rivero was a high ranking Jesuit General and he was taught to cut the Catholics down even the Popes to gain trust as they deceive by way of the truth today.


Credit when credit is due Alex Jones today Mar 29 just said he studied further

and the Popes in Rome are at the head of all this evil.


He looks to be designed to lead his listeners to believe the mark of the beast will be a chip when it will be an

E commerce Invisible bar code tattoo 


Another Jesuit/Mason tells the truth about the Catholic church's creation of a false Sun god worshipping Sunni Islam

in these videos The Pope is Lucifer the Babylonian Sun god . (there is a real Muslim Koran and belief but this one is fake as the new International Version Bibles New World order religion called Christianity better know as freemasonry and Sun day Church as was a day changed from Saturday for the Sun god) but he says after all the proof that the mark of the beast has already past it was a political system not for one second believe it has come and it will be the "mark" of the e commerce bar code tattoo see link below. They always hook you with the truth then lead you to a deadly lie because it will lead you to Hell with the Hell's Angels. Jesus controls the Heavens Angels. Satan the Pope the god of this world controls the Hell's Angels.





They have already chipped most of the western world and are working hard to brain chip the rest of the world through the doctors and the dentists or Doctors without borders. Alex makes everyone believe it hasn't happened yet that's what masons do they lead you by way of the truth to their lie . This one being very serious as it can lead you to Hell. I phoned in to talk to Alex and to tell him I had a device in my upper Jaw which has just recently been exposed to the world (read above link) (watch how fast this story gets dropped by the mind controlled media) and Alex instantly associated my with a nut who came in to his office saying the Sun was chasing him. Completely discrediting me in a heart beat but the obvious words he used were for the guy who did this to get on some drugs Buddy.... right after he went into a major rant about how all school shooters are on psychotropic drugs (really Mind control Victims )and how we should avoid the flew shot but this Guy who has the Sun chasing him he is special he should get on some drugs buddy.


 Alex Jones could be a mind controlled Jesuit/Mason.... not could be he is .



This is the mark of the beast technology as God described it right to a "t"


Levidicus 19:28

Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD


This is certainly the mark of the Beast


E commerce Invisible bar code tattoo


A patent has been issued for a technique enabling an invisible tattoo to be placed under the skin of a consumer purchasing goods and services online, according to a report published by computer giant Compaq.


Revelation 13:17   And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


This mark will go in the right hand or the forehead


Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:


We will soon be entering the time period this will be enforced

The tribulation period


The Pope is Lucifer the Babylonian Sun god

Watch these videos that show you that the Catholics controls Sunni Islam as they are the same church. Solid Solid proof with your own eyes you will see it.

This is easily the best video out there with undeniable proof they worship the Babylonian Sun God .

Lucifer is the false Angel of Light he is the Sun god.

Sun god worship defined page


This is the Catholics (un) holy trinity = this pyramid of evil with the sun emanating from it. Ezekiel warned us all not to worship the Sun. Lucifer is the False Angel of Light = The Sun god.


When Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati, he adopted the All-Seeing Eye symbol of Masonry, to be the symbol of the organization. It is the Great Pyramid of Cheops, with the capstone missing, and replaced with an eye. The All-Seeing Eye can be traced back to Chaldea as the Solar Eye, the Eye of Jupiter or Apollo, or the Eye of Providence. Hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt identified the name of the chief Sun God Osiris with a human eye.




  1. Pope admits the Catholics are the Chaldeans = they killed jobs servants and they stole his goods and they ruled Babylon and worshipped the Sun god. Sun god worship clearly defined page


  1. We can see the Popes are behind all evil Sun god worship and are worshipped through out the upper Catholic Church as the Holy spirit sent by God or the Holy see. The Pope is Lucifer the Babylonian Sun god <-- video proof. The Popes are Lucifer's Anti Christ spirit. He is the opposite of Jesus .


Let us never forget the 50 million Christians killed by the Popes during the 605 years of the Spanish Inquisition by torture.



E commerce Invisible bar code tattoo TO BUY AND TO SELL = E COMMERCE



More modern Sun Symbols


Hindu Sun God Surya


This man loves the Lord and I believe he knows the Lord

Awakening, Alex Jones and the Catholic "Church"


 Illuminati News


Follow no one to God but Jesus and he is the Word of God.


Authorized King James Bible only for us English speaking people.





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