The Unique Club, composed of male persons of Italian origin, or those whose wives are of Italian origin, and who are of good moral character, and who are American citizens, and who profess belief in the Supreme Being, and who are the leaders of this community, and who believe in the principles of democracy, is hereby formed for the purpose of uniting its members in a non-political and no-sectarian body, dedicated to the cause of service above self to our community and to our nation; dedicated to closer cooperation between themselves; dedicated to service to others, to promote active and enlightened citizenship, to encourage and foster true Americanism, to participate in community affairs, with particular emphasis on youth activities and the welfare or youth, to foster and promote education, to establish scholarships, and to provide social entertainment for its members and families and friends.

The Unique Club owes its creation to the foresight and influences of a handful of professional men and business leaders, of Italian origin, who showed deep regard for the affairs and aspirations of the Italian American community in Stark County, Ohio. The first formal meeting was held on November 12, 1929 with a membership of 29. Throughout the next nine years, which included the “Great Depression”, monthly meetings were held. Each member took his turn in hosting a meeting at his home, office or place of business. Despite a severe economic struggle, social activities did not suffer. The club sponsored various dances and dinners and the D’Atri farm was always available for picnics, bocci and golf. In the summer of 1938 the original membership disbanded.

The men who spearheaded the founding of the Unique Club in 1929 were:

  • Leroy Contie, Sr.
  • Angelo Curci
  • Umberton D'Atri
  • Ben Marconi
  • John Rossetti
  • Adam Rossi, Sr.

The balance of the membership, at that time, consisted of:

  • Aladin Bucci
  • Leonard Campolieto
  • John Capurro
  • Anthony Carpinelli
  • Alex D'Aurora
  • Felix DeBaetano
  • Pat DiMenna
  • Stephen Ginella, Sr.
  • Vincent Maggiore
  • Dr. SL Angone
  • Joseph Bernabei
  • Joseph Bruno
  • John Maltesta
  • Sam Marconi
  • Frank Marsh
  • James Minocchi
  • James Morena
  • Quentin Morena
  • Albert Proietti
  • Nick Pucci
  • Paul Rich

In 1957, almost two decades later, the Unique Club was reactivated, primarily through the efforts of Judge John Rossetti.The Unique Club owes a deep debt of gratitude to these men for their courage, wisdom and foresight.