2023 Summer Reading Slogan for all ages is “All Together Now: Todos Juntos Ahora” to tie into the theme of Kindness, Friendship & Unity.

The 2023 Summer reading slogan speaks to unity, friendship, and kindness. Children will learn how they can open a world of science wonder when they open a book.

For over 40 years Mark Tripp has been Michigan’s premier science based educational entertainer! Having performed for thousands of children in hundreds and hundreds of elementary and middle schools across the nation. Let him bring his special brand of “science magic” to you!

Dr. Tripp has created a very special program for your Library event. “Illusions - The science of magic!” is a never to be forgotten event.

Children will see amazing magic tricks, then learn the science behind them! They will not only learn about the magic trick that stopped a war, but see the actual trick with their own eyes, all the while being reminded to ‘read more about it.” A member of the audience will actually “levitate” in the air, and much more!

Open dates are filling fast; call Mark Tripp TODAY

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