Who I am:

The staff, writers, and presenters of Educational Entertainment are ALL science teachers, educators, or scientists themselves. ALL have advanced degrees, and many years experience in their various fields. Our goal is to bring to your school, real science and real education in a fun and exciting way. Our programs are not “magic shows” in disguise, presented by actors/magicians/jugglers with little or no science knowledge or teaching skills. There IS a difference, and its one you; your students and your staff will appreciate.

What I do:

We bring age and grade appropriate science and character building programs to schools across America. While we understand the importance of being entertaining, we never forget our core philosophical base, of being educational at all times. Our programs meet or exceed state requirements for science or math, and we guarantee you will see the difference between our programs and the “magic shows in drag” you have seen before.

Who I have done it for:

For over 45 years, our staff has been presenting science programs in schools across America. We have worked with major companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, GM, and giants of children’s educational television such as Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard), and Bill Nye. Experience is the best teacher, and we use that experience to create the best educational programs in the business. Take a look at our web applause section to see a small sample of what our clients think of us.

For more information contact me today at 810-429-4344, or by email at Sciencemagician@me.com.
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