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Richard Whiteley Art
Landscapes and Townscapes in Oils and Acrylics

This year the Washington Society of Landscape Painters will celebrate its 100th anniversary with 
their "Centennial Exhibit, 1913-2013" of landscape paintings in oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel. 

To view all the paintings in the "Centennial Exhibit, 1913-2013" exhibition, click here.


Welcome to my web site. I now live in Asheville NC. I used to live in Alexandria VA where I painted  in the surrounding area, except for some paintings from my trips back to Europe. All of the paintings in this web site are from my time in VA. I will soon to start painting in NC and will have galleries with the new art.


     Alexandria Queen St                            Alexandria City Hall

Nature gives us an infinite variety of moods and contrasts, changing with the seasons, the weather and time of day from dawn to dusk. I strive to capture the contrasts in light and dark, cool and warm, in an impressionistic style, and to create pictures that people can recognize as places they may have visited or seen but presented in a more poetic light.

I have divided the galleries into distinct areas so you can easily navigate to places which interest you.

Click on Online Gallery and you will find a selection of galleries Some of the works shown are already sold, but I have left them on the site to show the work that I do. 

If any of these images interests you, or if you would like me to paint something for you , please contact me by clicking on the contact button

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