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Here's What Others Say...
Comments from participants

"Being at Heritage was a great Experience. Being around professionals like Ms Brown, Mr. Farrier, and Mr. Freeman made my transition to work much easier. If you go into each life situation with the mindset that you will succeed, and have a positive attitude, you will be successful. They helped me believe that success starts with me."

-Chantel White


"I am so happy I came to Heritage Training and Career Center. I met a lot of good people that changed a lot of things I was doing wrong in my job search and interview process. The people here really go out of their way to help us. That means a lot to those of us who do not have anyone in our corners. I thank them sincerely for everything."

-Jenae McQueen


"My experience at Heritage was wonderful. Being at Heritage was the best thing that could have happened to me. Just in the four weeks, I interview for three jobs, but only one I chose. Learning what to say in an interview, how to dress for the interview was fun. I appreciate everyone for all the help that came along."

-De'chantay Love


"I really enjoyed my time at Heritage Training and Career Center. If it had not been for them, I would not have found this job. Cecelia Whitaker Heritage Training and Career Center helped me get my first job. There, I met some really good people that cared. The classes were very beneficial to me and are the reason for my success. I appreciate everything that a received as support."

-Le'naja Belser