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Computers are becoming more difficult to maintain each year because of the online predators infecting your computer and your browsers.  Over the past few years I have been using a combination of free software to help you keep your computer free of Viruses, Trojans, Spyware & Adware.

Click on the links above to learn about each program and how to use them. I specialize in removing spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits and viruses from your computer. I also can tune your computer to run faster.

This website is a "self help" website. You are welcome to download and install any of these programs yourself. Be sure to follow my instructions exactly to keep from downloading the wrong program or from installing or using it incorrectly.

Notice! As of January 14, 2020 I will retire from repairing computers. I will be fishing and traveling more often. I will still go online remotely with existing customers to troubleshoot problems or clean your computer. Eric Downey will take over servicing customers who I cannot help online or when I am not in Kingman. He has repaired computers for many years and is a very competent computer technician. His phone number is 928-254-3210.

If you are tired of windows 10 crashes and want to try a dependable operating system that doesn't require antivirus software and monthly maintenance give Eric a call. He installs Linux Mint. It is very easy to use and maintain.
Windows 7 will stop receiving security updates from Microsoft on Jan 14, 2020.

A. Fuller Jan 1, 2020
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Computer Repair, Data Recovery, Wireless Networks, Virus & Spyware Removal.
I service all types of computer equipment, including, workstations & laptops.
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