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Professional quality murals painted to enhance your home or business. Many styles and subject matter are availa ble to create a space which is inviting, exciting and just plain fun to live with!

Murals are an inexpensive way to open up a room and give it a totally different atmosphere. In a small room, especially one with few windows, a mural creates an optical illusion of open space and light. In a large room, a mural can serve as a focal point and pull all other elements of the room together. Would you like to turn a drab bedroom into a beach front cottage? Installing a mural is a great first step to getting the look that you're after.

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Charleston garden mural

"Charleston gardens" bedroom mural

13 feet by 9 feet, painted on site

Our murals are painted on quality canvas or board (or on site if you are located nearby), and are varnished to give added protection. They are created with acrylic paints and shipped to you on a cardboard tube, ready to be installed by an experienced wallpaper hanger, or may be installed by the owner in certain cases.


There are two types of murals: traditional and trompe l'oeil.

A traditional mural can be painted in various styles-anything from an abtract or non-representational to extremely realistic. It is clearly artwork, whereas a trompe l'oeil mural is designed to fool the eye into thinking that the mural is an actual scene by using faux finishes, perspective, and extremely realistic painting techniques. If a good muralist uses the principles of perspective with a photographical realism, it can be difficult to tell where the mural ends and the actual wall begins!

If you have a historic home, you would probably choose a traditional mural similar to ones painted by traveling artists in the 1800's and 1900's. These most often depict landscapes, though some still life (fruit baskets, flowers, etc.) as well as scenes from mythology were popular as well. Many times you will see murals above the chair railing or wainscoating in older homes. They are often painted in muted colors.

If you have a small room, a trompe l'oeil "window" mural or wall mural will make the room seem much larger. (See the "Charleston mural" above). For example, if you would like a "view" behind your sofa, a "window" would be the perfect focal point and is less expensive than having a full wall panel or full room mural painted. For a large room, anything is possible. I can do canvas murals as large as 14 feet wide by 10 feet high. For a business, see my murals on the next page. Click here.

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