HGS Air Permit Information

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Oct 6, 2008 DEQ Departmental Action:
The Department of Environmental Quality (Department) proposes to issue a permit, with conditions, to the named applicant (SME). The application was assigned Permit Application Number 3423-01. Public Comment: Any member of the public desiring to comment must submit such comments in writing to the Air Resources Management Bureau (Bureau) of the Department at the above address. Comments may address the Department's analysis and determination, or the information submitted in the application. In order to be considered, comments on this Preliminary Determination are due by November 5, 2008. Copies of the application and the Department's analysis may be inspected at the Bureau's office in Helena. For more information, you may contact the Department.The Department intends to make a decision on the application after expiration of the Public Comment period described above. A copy of the decision may be obtained at the above address. The permit shall become final on the date stated in the Department’s Decision on this permit, unless an appeal is filed with the Board of Environmental Review (Board). Read full permit at: http://www.deq.state.mt.us/AirQuality/ARM_Permits/AirQuality.asp


HGS Air Permit Formally Remanded 5/30/2008:

UPDATE 5/30/08: The Board of Environmental Review voted unanimously today to remand the Highwood Generating Station air pollution permit back to the DEQ to do a complete BACT analysis on PM2.5. The Board was very clear that they believe it is possible to conduct the proper analysis to determine whether in fact the facility will be using the best control technology available today to control fine particulates. This is a tremendous victory for public health..........

, that Permit No. 3423-00 is remanded for a thorough top-down BACT analysis of PM2.5. If a PM2.5 filterable, BACT analysis cannot be performed, a thorough top-down BACT analysis of PM10 shall be conducted. In either case, a top-down BACT analysis conforming to the NSR Manual will be deemed to be sufficiently thorough. Read full story

DEQ issues orders for PM 2.5 BACT
: Read full order