Petition to repeal rezoning

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Attention Cascade County Agricultural Property Owners.....

As a concerned citizen of Cascade County if you wish to protest the adoption of the rezoning regulations passed by Cascade County Commissioners on January 31, 2008, changing the Urquhart property from “Agricultural A-2” to “Heavy Industrial I-2”, thereby enabling the construction of a coal-fired power plant termed the Highwood Generation Station.

Just click on the below two files, print them out, fill them out and send in to either: Property Owners Against HGS, 615 3rd Ave North, Great Falls, MT 59401 or directly to the county commission office at 325 2nd Ave North, Great Falls, MT 59401. This must be done asap as they have to be formally submitted no later than by March 3, 2008 at 5:00 PM.

If sufficient (40%) of the agricultural property owners of Cascade County protest the rezoning, then the whole rezoning process is put on hold for one year and the owners must resubmit their application.

A lot can happen in a year........

Thank You..........

Here are the two files to click on: