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Article published Nov 14, 2007
County certifies municipal election results
By Tribune Staff
The Cascade County Commission on Tuesday certified the results from Nov. 7 municipal election in Great Falls.
The final results showed Dona Stebbins winning the race with 4,135 votes. Ed McKnight finished with 3,848. Susan Kahn had 1,419 votes and Larry Steele, 708.
In the race for two seats on the commission, Mary Jolley, who had 5,181 votes, and Bill Bronson, with 4,180, led the field. Diane Jovick Kuntz had 3,606 votes Stuart Lewin had 3,471. Elna Hensley had 2,078 and Michael Winters, whose name remained on the ballot even after he dropped out of the race prior to the election, received 1,052 votes.
There were a total of 10,413 votes cast, which is 28 percent of the registered voters.

Article published Oct 1, 2007
City election candidates
Tribune Staff Writer

Voters will select a mayor and two city commissioners in a city general election set for Nov. 6.
Mayor Dona Stebbins and Commissioner Diane Jovick-Kuntz are running for re-election. Commissioner Sandy Hinz decided not to run again.
Other candidates for mayor are Susan Kahn, Ed McKnight and Larry H. Steele.
Additional candidates for city commissioner are Elna Hensley, Bill Bronson, Stuart Lewin, Michael Winters and Mary Jolley.
This will be the first election in modern times in which Great Falls voters will use a single polling place — at Montana ExpoPark. Absentee voting will begin Oct. 17, but voters can request absentee ballots now from the Cascade County Elections Office, 325 2nd Ave. N. No primary election was held this year.
The Tribune plans to run one question and answer from the candidates each week prior to the election. Questions were devised by Tribune staff and Tribune readers.