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• The Region ll Science and Engineering Fair will take place on March 10, 2010 at the MSU College of Technology Heritage Room.
Set up will be from 7:30 A.M - 8:20 A.M. with judging beginning at 8:30A.M. and ending by 2:00P.M. Awards will be presented immediately following the judging. Read full report

Montana High School Students Heading to International Science and Engineering Fair
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For students with scientific oriented career aspirations – science fairs are a perfect opportunity to get a head start.
And today’s Montana Region two Science and Engineering Fair showcased some of the best and brightest high school students in our area.
“I would encourage anyone to do a science project,” says Misha Kearns, a senior at North Toole County High School in Sunburst, “I think it’s great the amount of knowledge that you gain from it and the experience that you have from working with other people and people that are in universities and people that are beyond your level is a really great experience.”
That great experience won Misha 2nd place at last year’s State Science Fair – and brought her to the International Science and Engineering Fair.
This year, she’ll get to do it again – after finishing as the 1st Place Grand Winner.
“It really has a lot to offer for students as far as scholarship money and just being able to be with students your own age that are interested in the same things as you are,” she says.
But selecting Misha and the other winners wasn’t an easy task for the judges.
“There are students here that are very impressive. The schools have been very helpful to them, and supportive. Their teachers have, too. That’s very obvious in the quality and the caliber of the exhibits,” shares Jerry Taylor, a judge and member of Citizens for Clean Energy.
Taylor says this fair is the perfect opportunity for students with scientific ambitions to get their start.
“At this particular age – in high school – they’re developing the scientific process, the mindset so that they can go on, further establish a basis for how to go on further with their studies, participate in the science field and hopefully the energy fields. So that’s what we’re looking for is our young scientists and this is the basis for them to get a good start.”
Besides Misha, Katelyn Gibbs of Great Falls was the 2nd Place Grand Winner and Allison Bye and Haeli Turner finished as the 1st Place Grand Team.
All four will now move on to the International Science and Engineering Fair In San Jose, CA this May.


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