Now Is The Time To Act

Wind, Water, Solar, Hydo...Future is ecat


Click on this link for a short movie on the basics of climate change:

Then watch "make your choice":

It’s the public’s turn to comment on this unhealthy, financially risky, and technically obsolete coal plant. Concerned citizens in other communities have stopped coal plants.  We can too.

Government regulations that were intended to protect our health have been substantially weakened by lobbyists for Big Coal and Coal-fired Electric Utilities.  The cumulative effect of mercury and other hazardous air pollution from the plant will threaten the health of people who live and work in northcentral Montana.

Citizens for Clean Energy (CCE) is an all volunteer grassroots network organizing opposition to the coal plant while promoting jobs and opportunities in renewable energy. 
Click here to read many key issues with the 1116 pages of the Environmental Impact Statement, which is available at:

One citizen can make a difference. Join with us now by calling (406) 453-0725

HGS is becoming more expensive since first propose as this chart indicates..........