Information About Us is designed and based off of Advertising. We have secured companies that wish to spread word of their existence across the country but they need help in doing this. has set up special arrangements with these companies to receive a commission for sales that come in as a result of our advertisements. And this is why we need YOU to stuff envelopes!

You will assist us in obtaining new customers for these companies; The work that you will be doing mostly consist of stuffing their advertisements into pre-addressed stamped envelopes. By assisting us in advertising for these companies (by stuffing their ads into the pre-addressed stamped envelopes), you will help to bring them profits. As they Receive Profits we Receive Certain Commissions.
If you plan on sharing the work with your friends, family members, or even co-workers, you can all stuff envelopes and make money easier together. Simply fill out one application and supply one processing fee and have anyone you want to help out!  You will be paid
for each envelope you secure and stuff.  The more you send to us the more you make! This means your income is controlled by your own ambition.

By sending in your application you are consenting that you have read and agreed to the terms listed on this website and in our disclaimer. We will then send you your first parcel which includes the information required to get started immediately. After this, you will start receiving circulars as quickly as you stuff them and earning five dollars for every envelope you secure and stuff!

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