most Frequent Asked Questions


1.  How much should I get paid?
The number of envelopes you process determines your rate of pay. The more ambition you have, the more money you will make and the faster you will make it.

2. Why $5.00 per Envelope?

1200weekly wants you to feel secure in the money you will be making. Plus $5.00 is an easy round number that allows you to calculate EXACTLY how much money you will be making.

3.  Do you take a percentage of the $5.00?

No we do not!

4.  Do you quality check the envelopes? 


 (a.) Why is there an Processing Fee? 

We can't afford to send out thousands and thousands of parcels to people that aren't serious about doing this. We need honest, hard working motivated people that are actually going to process the advertisements into envelopes; we don't need people who are just trying to satisfy their curiosity. The information we provide to you cost us money. So we charge a processing fee. Once you've completed 50 envelopes, you've proven that you're serious about working for us, so we reimburse you twice your processing fee which is a total of $59.90

5.  (b.
) Why is there a Processing Fee?

Unfortunately, there are many people that are not interested in pursuing this opportunity and wish to only fulfill their curiosity. This would not be a burden if our materials did not cost us money. Since we put in such a high investment in getting you started, we require a small fee of $29.95. Though we desperately need home workers processing envelopes for these companies, we must protect ourselves from those who are not serious and have no intention other than to satisfy their curiosity which would cause us a lot of money lost to shipping and materials. The fee covers our expense in showing you what to do and helps weed out those that are not serious about making money working from home processing envelopes. 

6.  What about taxes?

The $5.00 per envelope you receive is considered by the IRS to be income; you are solely responsible for reporting it when you do your income taxes each year. That is why you are a contract worker. 

7.  Will I be limited by the number of envelopes per week?

The limit is your own ambition! Process as few envelopes as you want or as many envelopes per week as you can secure.  

8.  Do people have to buy or purchase as a result in order for me to get paid? 

No one has to buy anything in order for you to get paid $5.00 per envelope. Whether or not any of the potential customers purchase anything.

.  Understand this!  

You will be paid
$5.00 for every envelope you secure and process following our instructions. You do not have to buy your own envelopes. You will receive addressed, stamped envelopes you've secured and we will send you copies of advertisements. Stuff them inside the Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes. As a notion of our good faith, we will reimburse twice your processing fee when you have processed the first 50 envelopes for us! There's no risk, none at all! And there's nothing to lose!

10.  Please explain the reimbursement. When I process 50 envelopes, shouldn't I get
$250.00? I'm confused?  

First, we should explain the processing fee. The information we provide to you incurs costs, so we charge a application fee. It also covers the time that it takes to filter through all of the paperwork involved in getting you started. We are looking for honest, hard working people to process envelopes. When you prove to us that you're this kind of person (by securing and processing your first 50 envelopes), not only will you get
$250.00 ($5.00 per envelope times 50 envelopes = $250.00), but we will also reimburse twice your application fee. So, in short, once you've processed 50 envelopes, you will receive $250.00 for the work that you did, plus a double reimbursement of your processing fee ($59.90). This would be, in total $309.90  

11.  Why do I have to wait seven days if I send in a check?

This insures that we receive payment.

12.  What if I sent in a check or money order and I never received my first parcel?

If you have verification that your check or money order has been cashed, and still have not received your first parcel, there are several possibilities of what could have gone wrong. Perhaps your address was incorrect on the application? Perhaps our parcel was lost in the mail? In any case, if you send to us a copy of your cleared check or money order, we will promptly resend your first parcel.   

13.  What if I sent cash and I never received my first parcel?

We ask that if you send cash as payment for the application fee, that you should always send it through certified mail. If you have this as proof that you sent cash as payment, please send a copy of it to us and we will promptly re-send your first parcel. 

14.  Where is this opportunity available? Is there a minimum age?

This opportunity is available only throughout the United States and any of the U.S. Territories. Please do not apply if you are not a U.S. resident. We also require that you are 18 years of age.  

15.  What happens to my personal information (phone number, address, e-mail, etc..)?

We keep your private information completely confidential. We will not provide to anyone person or company/organization or sell your name, phone number, address, e-mail address or any other in-formation about you to any company for any reason.  

16.  Do I have to read the disclaimer in that little box?  How can I read it in an easier format?  

NO! If you are having trouble reading all that information in the disclaimer box at the bottom of our "home page", remember that you can always 'copy and paste' it into a text format somewhere else on your computer. If you have any trouble with “copy pasting” and you would like to read the contents of the disclaimer in an easier format than the text box provided, please send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to: 

J Spruce
P.O. Box 202356
Cleveland, OH 44120

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