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Friday, May 24, 2024
Gwendolyn Robinson
  Gwendolyn Robinson is an Historian at the W.I.S.H. Centre in Chatham. She is a descendant of the historic Shadd and Robbins families in the area. In 1986 her book Seek the Truth: A Story of Chatham’s Black Community which she wrote with John W. Robinson, was released. The book is an informative, insightful narrative on the Canadian Black experience. This book appropriately interprets an important part of the unique African Canadian culture to present and future generations. Robinson is an officer in the Chatham/Kent Black Historical Society.
She set out to write "SEEK THE TRUTH" when her son was writing a student assignment on black history. Robinson was dismayed by the lack of published material available detailing the history and contributions of Blacks from the Chatham area. This book has two basic purposes -- To give young black students knowledge of the roles played by Kent County's Black population, in particular the development of Chatham, to instill a sense of pride in their heritage -- To give young white students an accurate understanding of the problems faced by Blacks and of the creative roles they played.
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