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Friday, May 24, 2024
The names on this list appear courtesy of The North American Black Historical Museum:
Adam Addison
James Alexander
Captain William Allen
John Anderson
Ruebon Arnold
Oliver Armstrong
Bison Asbury
Daniel Banks
Erving Banks
David Barret
Benjamin Batts
Jesse Bell
Joseph Bell
Wm. Bell
Thom Bess
Anthony Binga
Daniel Binga
John Binga
Jonathon Binga
Wm. Binga
John Bird
Carter Brackston
Moses Branford
John Brooks
Levi Brooks
Nelson Brown
Amanuel Burnet
Edward Butler
Frank Butler
Captain John Calwell
Captain Wm. Carter
Joseph Carter
George Cole
James Cousin
Joseph Curtis
James Grant
Edward Green
James Green
John Green
Joseph Green
Robert Green
Samuel Groat
James Halley
Wm. Hamilton
Vincent Hardy
Jeremiah Harris
Wm. Haw
Antony Hitt
Radel Homes
Samuel Hughes
Wm. Hughes
Charles Johnson
Daniel Johnson
James Lyons
Pleasant Marrow
Edmund Mathews
Private James Mathews
John McFarlane
Nathaniel McGuire
Daniel McKinney
David Medley
James Meggs
Wm. S. Mitchell
Andrew Mickens
Peter Moore
Edwind Moxley
Amanuel Morgan
John Mulder
Peter Mullord
Andrew Murray
Thomis Nolin
Anthony Parker
Nelson Pettiford
Oliver Pines
Captain Richard Pierpoint
Henry Pollard
Alfred Porter
Peter Robinson
John Rushinbo
Wm. Rushinbo
Wm. Ruth
George Smith
John Smith
John Smith*
Ellis Simmons
Levi Simpson
Frank Stclair
Mager Stephen
Henry Stepney
Benj Stewart
Peter Stokes
Stephen Taylor
Jacob Thompson
James Thompson
Henry Thornton
Wm. Thornton
David Thurman
Sergeant Henry Turner
Phillip Vone
Wm. Walkins (Watkins)
William Warner
Alfred Washington
Robert Washington
George Wilkinson
Edward Williams
Samuel Williams

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