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Friday, May 24, 2024
The names on this list appear courtesy of The North American Black Historical Museum:
James Baker
John Baker
Caleb Brown
John Call
Richard Call
Stephen Call
Thomas Christler
Robert Christly
Daniel Cokely
Richard Collins
Hohn Delay
Nathaniel Dooley
Samuel Edmunds
George Freeman
John Green
Sergeant Edward Gough
Simon Grole
Henry Hagan
George Hamilton
John Harris
Anthony Hults
John Jackson 1
John Jackson 2
Michael Jackson
Thomas Jackson
William Jones
Robert Jupiter
Isaac Lee
Peter Lee
William Mandgo
George Milton
Captain Richard Pierpoint

John Saunders
John Seneca
David Shumate
Colonel Giles W. Shurtlief
William Silvers
John Simmons
Thomas F. Smith
George Stephens
Martin Stephenson
John Tesko
Henry Thomas
Samual Thomas
William Thompson
William Tremaine (Doctor)
Henry J. Turner
William Tyler
Private Charles Veal
Andrew Walker
David Walters
Samuel Washington
Lieutenant Frank M. Whitelow
David Williams
George Williams
Henry Williams
Nathaniel Williams
Richard Williams
Isaac Wilson
Isiah F. Wilson
George Wilton
Joseph Winston
Alonzo Wolverton
Charles M. Wright

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