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Friday, May 24, 2024
Edmund (Ted) Powell  Photo Courtesy of the Windsor Star 13/05/1971
  Ted Powell was President of the Outside Workers Union in the City of Windsor. He is very well known in the community and internationally for assuming the role of organizing the Emancipation Celebrations in Windsor following the death of ‘Mr. Emancipation’ Walter Perry in 1967. The festivities resumed in 1969 after having been cancelled in 1967 and 1968 due to the Detroit Riots.

Ted Powell was a strong voice against racism in the region. Mr. Powell was very disappointed with the Windsor City
Edmund (Ted) Powell – Photo Courtesy of the Windsor Star 13/05/1971s  

Council decision to move the festival to Mic Mac Park in 1977. Ted Powell was dismayed when attendance dropped from around 30,000 to 16,000 that year and he took action against the city suggesting racial prejudice was at the heart of move. For more information please visit the Emancipation Day section of this website.

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