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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Several generous present and former residents have shared many of their precious photos and documents with the Windsor Mosaic. Photos and documents which can be seen throughout this site and which have helped illustrate the history of this community. This Photo Gallery includes photographs from the following collections which have not been included elsewhere on the website.
From the Collection of Lois Larkin
  A Night Out
  Hunting Party
Alfred Smith
  Baby John Ronald Smith with Family
  Hall Gravestone
  Family Homestead
  Jane Ralston Mills Hall and Family
  Lois Jean Smith
  Martha Jane, John Alexander and Lois Jean Smith
  Family Reunion
  Lois Jean Smith High Jump
  Band Performance
From the Collection of Irene Moore
  Abram Shreve Poses in Plane WWII
  Abram Shreve in Saskatchewan
  Ethel and Marguerite Dunn
  George Baxter Dunn
  Members of the OddFellow Lodge Circa 1920 at Wigle Park
From the Collection of James Allen
  Soldier WWII
  James Allen and Others Pose with Tank
  Tarrance Freeman Poses with Air Force Collegues
  Tarrance Freeman Royal Canadian Air Force
From the Collection of Kathleen Shreve
  African American Museum in Detroit
  Hitsville USA
  Tour Guide 'Cousin Kathleen' Shreve in period costume
From the Post Card Collections of Kathy Knight & Don Wilson
  Ambassador Bridge
  Former City Hall
Home of 'Eliza' of Uncle Tom's Cabin
  Windsor Factory District
  Windsor Ferry Landing
  The Great Western of the Grand Trunk Line
  Steamer The Tashmoo
  Aerial of the Tunnel Plaza
  City Hall Park
  Bird's Eye View of Windsor
  Bird's Eye View of Windsor 1909
  Sandwich Canal, Lagoon Park
  View of Windsor Avenue to City Hall
  From the Collection of Freida Parker Steele
  Uncle Al Parker's Adopted Family
  Uncle Al's Kids' Party
  Graduation Day
  Uncle Al's Kids' Party Clown
  Volunteers Pack Loot Bags at Uncle Al's Kids' Party
  Family Photo - Freida Parker Steele
  Mrs. Evelyn Parker and daughter Frieda
  Frieda Parker Steele as a young girl in the Parker Home
  Grandchildren of Frieda Parker Steele
  Jan Daughter of Frieda Parker Steele as a Young Girl

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