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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Jackson Park Grandstand, photo courtesy of Windsor Star, 31/07/1950
Cultural celebrations and reunions are very important ways traditions are kept alive. Celebrations within the African Canadian culture help younger members of the community connect with age-old traditions and history. Religious services are also an integral part of the celebrations listed below.
Reunions and homecomings are very important celebrations. Getting together helps renew an inner strength and foster a sense of belonging. Community get-togethers are particularily important in an era in which families are more distant geographically. Reunions such as the McDougall St. Neighbourhood Reunion are not only fun but functional. The community has an opportunity to meet and promote positive projects and share information.
  Emancipation Day
  McDougall St. Reunion
  Uncle Al's Kids' Party
  Skating Parties
  Black History Month

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