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Friday, May 24, 2024
Picnic in Broadhead Park
  Alton C. Parker was born Windsor in 1907. In September 1942 Parker became the first African-Canadian Constable on the Windsor Police Force. In July of 1951 he became Canada’s first African-Canadian Detective. Detective Alton Parker’s dedication to community service was not limited to his police duties A hero in the community

Picnic in Broadhead Park,
courtesy the Windsor Star August 9, 1988
  Parker’s commitment to youth is legendary.
1st Uncle Al’s Annual Kids’ Party
  From the summer of ’69 until his death in 1989 Uncle Al’s Annual Kids’ Party was a summer highlight. The annual event at Broadhead Park drew 100’s of jubilant children and their families. Activities included a picnic, games and other children’s activities. Windsor Firefighters also took part turning the park into a foamy funland.

1st Uncle Al’s Annual Kids’ Party, courtesy the Windsor Star Jul. 24, 1969
In 1976 Broadhead Park was renamed Alton C. Parker Park in memory of Detective Parker and his service to the Community. Detective Parker received many honours in his lifetime. For more information on the life and legacy of Alton C. Parker please see sections Law and Historic Sites featured on this website.
8th Annual Uncle Al's Kids' Party
Marcel Jones, aged 10

Pictured is the infectious smile of Detective Parker at the 8th annual party with 3 year old Jody Davis and 10 year old Tonya Davis, Photo Courtesy of the Windsor Star August 11, 1976

Marcel Jones, aged 10, and friends enjoyed being sprayed by the Windsor Firefighters, Photo Courtesy of the Windsor Star, August 9, 1983)

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