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Friday, May 24, 2024
The McDougall St. Neighbourhood Reunion 2004
Photos courtesy of the African Canadian Community Centre of Windsor and Essex County

The “McDougall Street Corridor” has traditionally been the core of the African-Canadian community in Windsor. This area which is delineated by Goyeau St., Windsor Ave., Mercer St. and Highland Ave. has been the hub of the African-Canadian community since the 1800’s.

As a result of extensivere development in the modern era much of this unique neighbourhood has disappeared but the spirit of community remains. In 1998, a group of former residents of the “McDougall Street Corridor” in Windsor canvassed current and former residents of the area to determine the level of interest in holding a neighbourhood re-union.

The first celebration of the McDougall Street Reunion took place during the second weekend of August, 2003. Events included a picnic, a family swim, a talent show and children’s activities. The McDougall Street Neighbourhood Celebration has become a much anticipated annual event.


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