The Club meetings will be 6:00pm on 4th Tuesday each month.

While the weather is good, we will meet at the Lake Wichita RC field.
  June 23
  July 28
  August 25
  September 12, Senior Pattern Contest
  September 22
  October 9,10,11 WFRCC Fun Fly
  October 27 (hopefully)

George Bailey aka "Dusty" has provided a link to his pictures for the club events:
Flickr: Dustys Pictures

The club has a Facebook page.
This is an active place to see current pictures.

The City now has a nice web page that describes the Club and the flying site.

The Links page has some good Local Weather sites.

First flights with a properly trimmed plane and buddy-box radio system is strongly recommended.
New Pilot training is available.
Call any of the following Instructors:

Tony Breyen (940-733-2803)
Frank Jarratt (940-631-9768)

Send Mail to:
(Put in subject line to get pass the spam filter.)